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I cannot think of a case that fits what we are looking to help with, more than the one of 16 year old Hannah Ozburn Truelove Incident date/otherwise known as the date she would be found: Fri,   August 08/24/2012 – 12:00. This is still an open case that is listed as active, so there are not a lot of details that are currently available to the public. But here is what I was able to find out so far.

Hannah was a student at Gainesville High School, enjoyed music and gymnastics and aspired to be a Veterinarian.

According to the GBI Hannah was reported missing on August 23, 2012 and was discovered murdered in a wooded area behind the Lake Lanier Club Apartments on August 24, 2012.   Hannah lived with her mother at the Lake Lanier Club Apartments in Gainesville, Georgia.

In an area that seems to be shrouded with a lot of death and sadness, Lake Lanier was not actually what claimed the life of this Gainesville Teen. It is truly heart breaking to watch the news reports and hear her family speak out. Her father was heard saying in 2012 to an interview with WSBTV

“This is so devastating, you know she was my little baby, always going to be my little baby.” His voice breaks and his chin weakens as he tries to fight back the emotions. No one can truly know what it feels like to lose someone in such a manner, especially a child, unless they have been through it themselves.

For Reporting information in regards to the case of Hannah Truelove:

Contact Info: GBI Region 8 Cleveland Office 706-348-4866


Hall County Police


2859 Browns Bridge Road

Gainesville, Georgia 30504

Phone: 770-531-6900

Fax: 770-531-7150

Full post on the case can be found here:

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