Introducing: Where the Belladonna Grows, my newest Novel

You may or may not know that I am not just a blogger, but I am also a fictional writer. I am in the process of developing several different novels. While I have been published in the past I am working diligently to rebrand myself and my voice as a writer. It is always a process, as an artists, and a writer to constantly better one’s self at a craft. This one is a pleasure to work on an research the various different aspects of it. Below I will include the prologue that I just finished for your reading pleasure. I hope that it drums up some interests for you all, and prompts you to want to read more once I have finished it.



Follow a riveting story about a woman whose family immigrated from Scotland, and tried to make a home in New York. Her family arrived in 1902, straight off the boat, though they had money and plenty of it, the high society was closed and very secretive. Yet, somehow, her GreatGran Charlotte Everly Eason, was able to make her way not only into the Sovereign Daughters Society for Women, but from the outside seemed to be a very integral part of its inner workings.

Sytha Heleen Eason, always wondered how it was that her family was invited into the circle, and how they managed to stay in it for so long. There were always hushed talks, secret meetings, and parties. Everything to the outside world seemed legitimate, wonderfully glamorous, and at times the envy of the world around them.

On her 21st birthday her own invitation to the Sovereign Daughters arrives, along with it is more than she ever bargained for in her life. Secrets not only about her own family but about some of the most influential families in the world. This seemingly hidden society, within a very public one, has opened her up to a different world.

Within the Sovereign Daughters there are factions, each one with a specific purpose and calling as they would call it. All together there are 5 factions: Two of which are unofficial: The Light Daughters & The Dark Daughters- the lines between these are blurred making these factions the only who never fully declared.

The Light Daughters: Founding families/Old money.

The Dark Daughters: New Money or “Dirty” Money in hushed circles

The Angels of Mercy- Herbalists and Apothecaries

The Whispers- Confidants & Suppliers

The Keepers- Book Keepers, Accounts, Financialist.

Each one of these factions broken down into rankings and their own rules within them to help maintain order of the highest degree.

When Sytha finally makes the decision to accept the invitation, it becomes a pivotal point in her life. She learns her ancestors were “Angels of Mercy” to the high society socialites but there is far more to it than that. Like her mother and her grandmother before her, she would receive training and scholarships to any university that she desired to attend. As long as she kept their secrets, assisted with cover ups, and performed other tasks for the ladies in the society.

The goal of the Sovereign Daughters is they want to open the Runegate, to do so, they must collect several souls. Could this be how her mother died? Could this be the cause of all her mysterious family deaths, involving the women in her family? Or are they really just cursed to die before their 35th birthday?

According to the Sovereign journals, Sytha is the last one needed to open the gate. The gate itself is a portal to which holds the founder of the society. A dark priestess that promises wealth, fame, fortune, and eternal beauty to her followers. All seems to go to plan for the Dark Daughters, until Sytha learns of their true plans. It is now up to her to stop them at all costs.

If this sounds like something you would like to read more of let me know! I can’t wait to finish it and see where Sytha takes me on her discoveries!

Much Love & Many Blessings

Mrs. B


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