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  • One Sentence Horror: Is Out Now!

    One Sentence Horror: Is Out Now!

    Her love of horror and scary stories started from a young age. Writing poetry, novels & short stories throughout the years Jess decided to combine two of her favorite things together to bring a small collection of one sentence horror stories to life. Encouraged by her children and husband, she ran with the idea after finding an AI art program that brought her words to life.  Individual prints of the artwork presented here within the book can be purchased.

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  • The ADHD/Brain Fog Struggle

    The ADHD/Brain Fog Struggle

    The past couple of days since coming back from vacation having been hella wonky with my ADD\ADHD-Type C. I feel like we needed another week to fully reset. I am still very disjointed in my thoughts and how I am going about writing this would make most of you cringe! LOL!!! Seriously though, I am writing a paragraph, skipping around thought wise, all while meme searching, and watching an episode of a show. If I stop one of these things I do not think I would be able to complete this post as needed.

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  • Balance in Life: Not everything needs your energy.

    Balance in Life: Not everything needs your energy.

    Finding your balance: Sometimes that is easier said than done. What exactly does it mean to find one’s balance? ? Balance refers to evenly distributing things in your life. It means having enough time for school, work, family, and community. And while having balance in your life is definitely a good thing, it might be even better to strive for balance in your health.

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  • Masking different parts of myself.

    Masking different parts of myself.

    Today we are going to look at something I struggle with as a Neurodivergent person, it is something that for the most part I am not aware that I do, but I have been made aware of it from time to time. Why is that that everyone gets a different version? Sometimes we present a different version of ourselves to people who we interact with, either at work or even in a social setting. Some of us do it for cultural reason, religious reasons, and some even for masking.

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  • Ouija Boards: Gateways to the unknown.

    Ouija Boards: Gateways to the unknown.

    A harmless kids toy or a portal into the worlds beyond, that has been the subject of many different debates within the spiritual communities for years. I am sure many of you have had your own experiences that at on time or another involved this board and a planchet. However, what I want to talk to you about is the history of the board itself and the proper usage if you must use one.

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  • Welcome to the B-Side

    Welcome to the B-Side

    Well things could have gone a little smoother with the introduction of the B-Side to our podcasts but it did not. Because why would it? LOL! Take a moment and go play the first episodes for yourself to see. This is our second channel from LunaOwl and we are so very thankful you have found […]

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