7 Ways to use Salt to Cleanse your Home.

In this post we will talk about 7 Ways to use Salt for Cleansing your home, and its super affordable!

1. Mist the air with sea salt spray

Salt spray

The wonderful thing about salt cleansing is that you can make these products yourself! Grab an empty spray bottle and a jar of sea salt. Dissolve about a tablespoon of sea salt per cup of warm water, then pour it into the spray bottle and shake well; now you’ve got yourself a salt spray, which works just as well as any sage or Palo Santo spray!

Use this spray the same way you’d use sacred herb smoke: starting at your front door, spritz a few times in each room of your house. Be sure to set an intention or recite a mantra for what energy you’d like to release and what energy you’d like to call in. Also, don’t forget to open a window to let that negative energy out.

2. Place sea salt in front of your home’s entrance

All you need for this method is a bit of sea salt and a container, such as a bowl, glass, jar, or small dish. Place a bit of sea salt in the container, and store it near your home’s entryway – a small table in the foyer works perfectly.

Think of this salt container as an energetic bouncer for your home. It’ll stop negative vibes at the door, sending them on their way before they can bring your energy down.

3. Place salt around the house in salt bowls

Salt bowl

Following from the above point, you can place salt bowls anywhere in your home as an energetic tune-up! These salt bowls will work behind-the-scenes to fine-tune your home’s energy, once again soaking up any negative vibes that hang in the air.

One way to do this is to place those bowls of sea salt in the corners of every room. Remember, just like crystals, once salt soaks up enough negativity, it’ll become blocked. Thus, it’s a good idea to throw out the old salt and replace it with fresh salt, once you feel that the salt isn’t quite cleaning the energy as well as it once was.

Consider throwing the old salt onto the dirt outside, rather than throwing it in the trash – this essentially returns the energy back to the Earth where it originated.

4. Place salt under your bed to cleanse your bedroom

Finding yourself lying awake in bed at night, ruminating about the day, unable to sleep? Your bedroom could use an energy cleanse. Salt, of course, is one such way to do so!

There are two ways to cleanse your bedroom with salt: the first is to dissolve a bit of sea salt in a glass of warm water, and place that glass under your bed. Of course, if you’re worried that the water may spill when your cat runs under the bed in the middle of the night, you can simply use method number two: the salt dish trick as outlined above. Simply place sea salt in a dish under your bed and leave it there overnight.

Either way, make sure to leave the salt there for only one night, then replacing it with new salt, if needed. You don’t want that negative-vibe-saturated salt bringing you bad dreams!

5. Make a protection salt circle

You can create a protective circle by pouring salt in a circle around you on the floor. Once done, you can sit or stand within this circle while visualizing a protective spear of white light around you. This protection circle is great for meditation as well as for performing protective magic for your home.

6. Create salt lines around windows for blocking negative energy

You can sprinkle a line of around around the windows of your home or even around your home to keep negative energy at bay. Consider doing this after smudging your home.

7. Use salt to create a protection jar for your home

Salt can be used in a protection spell jar to cleanse and protect your home from negative energy and to achieve emotional balance. To create a protection spell jar, simply layer your jar with salt and other protective herbs like Rosemary, Sage, Mint, Cinnamon, Basil and clove seeds. Once done, make sure to charge this jar with your intention. You can place this protection jar under your bed, on a windowsill or in a prominent area of your home like your living room.

Bonus! Salt lamp

Other than serving as a beautiful decorative piece, Himalayan salt lamps also rid your home of negativity! These lamps typically come in the form of a tower, orb, or other shape made out of vibrant pink Himalayan salt, with a light bulb in its center.

Himalayan salt lamps will cleanse your space’s energy just like bowls of salt or salt sprays will: they’ll soak up those negative vibrations and store them away from you. Unlike salt bowls, however, you won’t need to regularly replace your Himalayan salt lamp!

Consider placing one of these in each room of your home – feel free to do so if this feels right for you. If you can only get your hands on one of these lamps, consider placing it in the room where you meditate or do any other spiritual practice, in your bedroom, or near the entryway of your home.

Types of salt you can use for cleansing

In most of the points under the previous heading, we’ve described the use of sea salt– but what about other types of salt, such as black or pink Himalayan salt? Will those work just as well? Let’s talk about how other types of salt will help you to cleanse your home of negativity.

1. Sea salt

Sea salt is less processed than table salt or Kosher salt, and it’s cheaply sold in most grocery stores – thus, sea salt is a go-to for any salt cleansing ritual! For best results, look for unground sea salt crystals; i.e., the ones found in a sea salt grinder.

Salt soaks up more energy when it’s the least processed, so big crystals will likely work best. In addition, some energy experts claim that sea salt works best for purification rituals.

2. Black salt : Black salt bowl

Here’s one type of salt that’s not typically used to season food: black salt! This salt actually doesn’t have a pleasant taste– but, on the other hand, it’s great for energetic protection.

Use black salt to banish negativity and hexes, and to prevent negative spirits from entering your space. To do so, you may use any of the methods mentioned above. Another way to use black salt is to sprinkle a line of it at the entryway of your door, once again, to make sure negative vibes stay outside.

3. Pink Himalayan salt

This rose-colored salt is the purest type of salt on earth, and thus, it’s the best salt to use in any cleansing ritual. In addition, some say that, similarly to rose quartz, pink Himalayan salt gives off a sweet, loving energy, so you might want to try using it when you need an extra dose of self-love. You can find pink Himalayan salt at most grocery stores these days. Again, look for the large salt crystals!

4. Table salt

Don’t have fancy sea salt or pink Himalayan salt sitting around? No big deal– feel free to use regular old table salt instead! As a disclaimer, table salt has been processed much more than any other kind of salt. Thus, you may find that it doesn’t soak up that bad energy quite as well as the more natural salts mentioned above. However, it still works! Use table salt in a pinch, the same way you’d use any other kind of salt for cleansing rituals.

You can also consider using Kosher salt as it is a little less processed than table salt.

5. Blue salt

Blue salt is a rare type of salt that you won’t find in any old grocery store. It’s taken from Persian salt ponds, and the crystals of blue salt date back to Precambrian times. Although blue salt is known for its intricate, unique taste when added to dishes, it works about the same for cleansing rituals as pink Himalayan salt will.

6. Big flake salt

As mentioned above, salt works best for cleansing rituals when the salt crystals are as large as possible. Luckily, you can find big flake sea salt in grocery stores! Look for labels such as “large flake” or “flaky”; inside, you’ll find large sea salt crystals that are great for placing around your house in bowls.

Next time you feel like your home is flooded with stagnant energy, or if you’ve recently entertained particularly draining guests, don’t worry if you’re all out of sage – just head to your spice cabinet! Remember that salt (especially sea salt or pink Himalayan salt) works just as well as sage or crystals to energetically purify your space. Say goodbye to bad energy, and hello to lightness and love!


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