Thrifty Witch Tip #1:

As seen on our Sister Blog!

Some of our favorite cheap, powerful, and flexible tools are herbs! You can also find some fantastic herb shops online too!

Head to the herbs and spices section in your supermarket, and you will find a wide range of botanicals, all of which have magical properties. Also, check out the fresh herbs usually found in the fruit and vegetable aisle, which you can dry and use in your practice.

You can also buy small potted herbs, such as mint, basil, and rosemary plants, which you can continue to grow at home, offering great value for money. These are great for trimming and drying (hang upside down in a warm space) to make homemade smoke cleansing sticks or grind the dried herbs to make your own incense, magical oil, powders, and so much more.

If you have access to a World Food Shop or International Market, you will often find large bags of fresh or dried herbs at great prices. I’ve found huge bags of rose petals, orange peel, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves in my local World Food shops, which I regularly use in my work.

Also, you can get witchy herbs such as hibiscus, mugwort, chamomile and lavender by buying herbal teabags. Simply snip them open, and you have ready to use dried herbs. Of course, if you are green-fingered, supermarkets often sell seed packets to grow and harvest your own herbs.

You can also obtain other items at the supermarket which can be utilized in your craft practice, including:

Sugar, honey, syrups for sweetening work

Lemons for cleansing

Salt of all kinds for protection, grounding and cleansing

Vinegar for cleansing, hex and curse-breaking

Fresh flowers for offerings, decorating your altar, work

Coffee to speed up work

Wine, spirits for offerings

Eggs for cleansing, protection and divination

Garlic, onions for protection

Vanilla pods for love

Olive oil for anointing candles and as a basis for magical oils

Arrowroot as a basis for magical powders

Apples for love and divination

Rice to signify prosperity and growth

We could go on and on, as most food has magical properties that you can use in your work.

Don’t forget, most supermarkets also sell items that you can utilize for your altar and spells at affordable prices, such as candles, dishes, bowls and glasses for offerings, as well as practical items such as pestles and mortars and jars.

I often use our local markets and Mountain Rose Herbs to provide our family with teas, herbs, spices, and honey.

Hope this helps you some when it comes to being a thrifty witch who needs to keep her budget in mind when practicing her craft.


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