Kitchen Witchery

The inspired ideas behind kitchen witchcraft have seen a recent rise in popularity, thanks in part to Cerridwen Greenleaf’s The Book of Kitchen Witchery: Spells, recipes, and rituals for magical meals, an enchanted garden, and a happy home, and Arin Murphy-Hiscock’s The House Witch, her follow-up to 2017’s The Green Witch.

The kitchen of a witch, Greenleaf explains, is a sight to behold: it is “a sacred space where good health, abundance, luck, and love can be conjured.”

Maybe you’re looking to conjure more money for your household. Maybe you’d like to know how to create an effective kitchen altar. Maybe you just want your magical practice to extend to the kitchen, a pagan power center. Either way, a bit of kitchen witchery can lead to a happy home.

How to Get Started with Kitchen Witchery

If you’re a beginner, look to guides like Greenleaf’s for advice on “meditations, charms, folk wisdom, and incantations along with instructive lore covering astrological aspects, phases of the moon, candle color alchemy, and exactly which domestic goddesses to invoke.” Another great place to start? Look at family recipes, study them, find your favorites, and make them your own.

There are many types of recipes one can study, from teas, to soups, stews, dinners, ointments, tinctures and more!!!

If you want to focus in on the study of herbs, you’d do well to get started with  Mountain Rose Herbs . You can also study Apothecary traditions at CommonWealth Holistic Herbalism. You can learn traditional herbal medicine, and use what you learn to apply it to your kitchen witchery practice.

Your home is an important part of who you are — so it makes good sense to tie your practice of witchcraft closely to the place where you build your life, Murphy-Hiscock explains. In The House Witch or Greenleaf’s The Book of Kitchen Witchery, both great beginner’s guides, you’ll discover everything you need to live, work, and practice in your own magical space, in your daily life. With these books and boxes of tools, you’ll have your very own practical guide to practical magic — magic that can change your life, if you know where and how to get started.

Kitchen Witchery, Recipes and More.

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