Para-Normal, The Hunt Continues: Part 2

Okay, the next part of the hunt takes place just a couple of miles down from where we were. Amy tells us all that we are headed to something call “Old Green Eyes” apparently this is also another common name or legend in many different places. But what do you expect from a teenager who was bored and wanted to do something different in a small town. This was also at a time when the internet was fairly new, I man for crying out loud we had MapQuest directions. If that does not date things I don’t know what does. So it is no surprise that our leader on this late night haunting hunt did not do her due diligence and research the locations or the legends before we joined her on this venture. Nor did any of us think to do it either, we were bored teenagers looking to do something different and out of the ordinary.

Para-Normal, Stupid Teenagers! Ghost Hunting. Part 1

Let me tell you about a bunch of kids bored in small town middle Georgia. There was not always a lot to do where we lived, and we tried our hardest to be good kids… well as good as we could be for the most part. So sometimes in our little ways of legal rebellion, we would try to figure out things to do that were pushing the limits. Like most teenagers do, I think it is a right of passage, you push to the limit and some exceed the limit more than they mean to. One night I get a call from a friend. [ Note names are changed] ” Hey, Amy found this cool list of urban legends in our area are you down…….” Totally didn’t let her finish her sentence before I answered. ” YES!!! Just tell us where.” Jasmine giggled and give us directions.

Confession Time! ;)

Let me let you in on a not-so-secret confession. I am an Ancestral Pagan Kitchen Witch with some Eclectic and Gray tossed in there too.

Share your Spooky Stories with us!

I invite you share your spooky stories with me, I will take messages here on the blog, on our business pages and emails at

We hope that this will become a yearly thing, and we know it will take some time to build up our listener base but we want to make sure that we are as interactive as possible.

Companion Podcast Tea & Mystery: Hannah Trulove

Welcome to the B-Side’s Crime Podcast and Blog Segment Tea & Mystery, where we research open and unsolved cases. It is our hope that we can shed new light and bring attention to cases that need it desperately. We will cover homicides, missing persons/disappearances, suspicious deaths and even cases that may not have fully evolved into a homicides.

If you have a case you would like us to look into or feature please send it over to or messages us at The B-Side Facebook Page.

Podcast Companion: 31 Spooky Movies: 3 Movies 1 Review

Parents, please review all the films and what they are rated before watching with kids under the age of 13- Parental Discretion is needed in some of these. 

With Nostalgia playing a large part in this list it is no surprise that one of our top picks for this year is a return movie or a second part of an already favorite of ours.

31 Spooky Movies for the almost the whole family- Parental Discretion Advised.

Funny horror/Campy Horror/B Rates/Young Adult- Some of you have asked for a less spooky list and here you go. These are more along the lines of campy, funny, and laid back movies with less focus on the creepy scares but still just enough to be perfect for Halloween viewing. Some of these are spooky and not what you would call the traditional Halloween films but still they are just enough so to make our list for this year.

Spooky Season: 31 Days Companion Podcast

With Spooky Season upon us I made a list of 31 movies to watch for Halloween, I talk about my love for the season, buying cookies and not so much liking one of the films on the list.

Companion Podcast: Feeling Lost, Pushing Past, & Manifesting Possibilities

I am always pushing to be the best mom and wife I can be in the process of it all, and before I know it, I am left exhausted and worn out. I need to learn to balance more on good days, so I do not wear myself down so quickly. I need to remember that sometimes the best thing I can do for my self and those around me is to pace everything. Slow down and manifest what I truly need, a better me. In this post we are going to talk about different ways of feeling lost, pushing past that feeling, and manifesting the best possible you.