31 Movies to watch this Halloween Horror/Thrillers

With Halloween coming very soon, here is a great list of Scary Horror/Thriller like Horror to watch on the 31 days of Halloween! This list includes where to find them and trailers.

Basic List of Herbs for Smudging/Cleansing

This post is for those who need it written down rather than on a graphic, however if you would like you can go to the post listed below and use the graphics for your reference at any time as well. Basic List of Herbs for Smudging: See our graphics here luna-owl.com/2020/09/29/smudging-cleansing-plants-and-herbs-101/ Alfalfa– associated with psychic…

Charm Bottle- Crystal Collection

Charm bottles, each are made by hand by LunaOwl a mother and daughter team. We hand select the items for your bottle and place them in with the utter most care. Each bottle is unique and even though some may have the same contents, no two bottles are ever exactly the same.

What type of witch are you: Part 2

In this post we are covering the two main branches of witchcraft, note these are not the only main practices as we have mentioned before in yesterday’s article, but they are the most common ones. We will give detailed examples of both and what they consist of. So, let’s jump right into this shall we. Starting off this article we will be talking about Wicca and Paganism and how they differ.