Hawaiian Haze Review: Black Tie CBD

“This was a great buy, the flavor is sweet but subtle. Hawaiian is great for a mood booster or anxiety lifter, which makes it a perfect all day smoke. The smoke itself does have a bit of a throat grab but it is still delightful. We tried it several different ways to ensure that we got the most of the flavor & our of the experience with this strain. Pair it with a cream soda or even some juice and a green apple rolling paper to fully make the flavor pop and come to life. Overall rating 7 out of 10, not m up most fave, it was a bit dry. There is a throat hit and this is best with a drink or even with a water pipe/bong.

Mrs B

This is one of those, hey there is a promo going on buys. But I have got to say it is not a promo buy that I regret buying. The flower itself is a bit dry but the flavor hangs in there if you pair it with something that compliments it. Sometimes you run into a flower that if you smoke it, sometimes that flavor in that strain is muted and needs help reaching its full potential. I [ Mrs. B] love to experiment with flavors, both when smoking CBD and in cooking. I suppose its the creator/artist in me. As we move along this journey I am learning to push the flavors more and more as we branch out with different companies and their products/CBD strains. We will compare this to another Hawaiian Haze later on.

This was our second time buying from Black Tie.

Both times we ordered the swag was amazing with the order and so was the packaging. This is a company that really puts forth a lot of effort with their product.

When you open up the box you do not smell the flower at all, it is shipped in an air tight bag which surrounds its actual bag. As with JK Distro, you get your notice to law Enforcement and the Lab Results with your items. However, Black Tie also sends you some of their own branded rolling papers which I gotta say was a nice touch!


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