Kitchen Witchery? What is that?

Kitchen witchery is a growing trend within contemporary Paganism. After all, the heart and soul of many contemporary households is the kitchen. Where do the majority of your guests hang out when you host a party at your house? Naturally, the kitchen! In addition, the kitchen has once again become a place where people spend hours rather than minutes due to a declining economy and an increasing number of people making meals from scratch. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that kitchen witchcraft has gained popularity.

The inspired ideas behind kitchen witchcraft have seen a recent rise in popularity, thanks in part to Cerridwen Greenleaf’s The Book of Kitchen Witchery: Spells, recipes, and rituals for magical meals, an enchanted garden, and a happy home, and Arin Murphy-Hiscock’s The House Witch, her follow-up to 2017’s The Green Witch.

The kitchen of a witch, Greenleaf explains, is a sight to behold: it is “a sacred space where good health, abundance, luck, and love can be conjured.”

Cerridwen Greenleaf’s The Book of Kitchen Witchery

Maybe you’re looking to conjure more money for your household. Maybe you’d like to know how to create an effective kitchen altar. Maybe you just want your magical practice to extend to the kitchen, a pagan power center. Either way, a bit of kitchen witchery can lead to a happy home

In ancient Greece the word for “cook”, “butcher” and “priest” was was the same -‘mageiros’- and the word shares an etymological root with the word magic.

– Michael Pollan

In Scandinavia, Northern European, & Germany: A kitchen witch, sometimes called a cottage witch is a homemade poppet or doll resembling a stereotypical witch or crone displayed in residential kitchens as a good luck charm and to ward off bad spirits.

“The Legendary Secret of Goof-Proof Cooking: The Famous Kitchen Witch

For centuries, Norwegians have hung this good witch in their kitchen. They believe she has the power to keep roasts from burning, pots from boiling over, and sauces from spilling.”

The Famous Kitchen Witch

The Kitchen Witch uses a reliable wooden spoon as her magical wand, and her potion is soup. Salt is offered on an altar next to the stove in honor of Edesia, the Roman goddess of food and feasting. Not all Kitchen Witches do this, there are many who offer their services to Frigg, Demeter, Hestia, and many more deities. While some of us simply honor our Ancestors and get in touch with them on a whole different level. The Kitchen Witch is not only a wizard in the kitchen but also creates a personal space with great care and intention. For them, cooking becomes a sacred art.

Capable of finding spirit in the water in the dish and gratitude in the millionth load of laundry. Sweeping the floor to remove dust can be a holy ritual to remove negative energy.
A Kitchen Witch may not always devote a specific amount of time or resources to ceremony; rather, they seek the magic in everyday life through intuition rather than ritual.

Because everything in life is performed as a ceremony, cooking is considered a sacred art. If the Kitchen Witch loses their connection to the ingredients that are most dear to them, they may experience a sense of disconnection from the art.

If they lose their balance, they might long for juicy, ripe peaches in the middle of winter and pray for warm, comforting food in the summer. The Kitchen Witch can help restore sacred balance in her home and life by staying in tune with the foods that are in season at different times of the year.

Meal Prep as a Magical Opportunity

When you take the time to prepare meals from the simplest ingredients, you will have a magical opportunity at your disposal. Every dish can be infused with intention and will. A meal can become a ritual in and of itself rather than something you eat out of a can. When you put in the effort to prepare something by yourself, it takes on a sacred quality that will make you want to spend more time enjoying it with your family than just munching on it on the way to soccer practice. At its simplest, you can create some practical magic by altering your perspective on food preparation and consumption.

Take a moment to think about your kitchen. It’s probably often overlooked and under appreciated but some truly magical thing happen in this room. The gifts of the Earth are transformed and combined into creations that nourish and benefit your body. That’s pretty neat!

Maggie Haseman of Mumbles and Things

It’s possible that one day you’ll realize that your own kitchen is magical as you become more in tune with yourself and more aware of what it’s like to live magically. You don’t have to cook a meal or light a candle to be a kitchen witch; however, there are a few things you can do to make your kitchen feel more magical.

How to Use Herbs to Bring Magic to the Kitchen

Think about having an altar in the kitchen. The majority of food preparation is done on the stovetop, which is today’s equivalent of the hearth fires of old. Add a statue of a home or hearth goddess, a cauldron, or a candle to a small altar that can be moved as needed. Paint a trivet with symbols from your culture if you want.

Make sure your kitchen has easy access to your herbs. Use decorative jars to display them if you cook with them. However, they will lose their effectiveness if they are placed in direct sunlight. Have live plants in pots that you can use throughout the year, if possible. Fresh vegetables should also be available. Learn as much as you can about spiritual and practical practices like Feng Shui so that you can make your workplace as efficient as possible.

Keep the area tidy. Spiritual cleanliness is maintained through physical cleanliness, just like it is in any other sacred space. In a place that is cluttered and chaotic, it is hard to find equilibrium. After every meal, wipe down the countertops, keep dirty dishes out of the sink, and arrange the shelves and cupboards in a way that makes them easy to use. [ I gotta say this is where I have some issues in my Kitchen Witchery Skills, my ADHD likes organized Chaos]

Do you want to be happy every time you enter your kitchen? Color the walls with cheerful and reassuring hues! It’s time to get rid of the metallic flecked wallpaper from the 1970s in the kitchen of your home. Choose a color that makes you and your family feel good. Earth tones are relaxing, yellows are upbeat and cheerful, and greens bring wealth and prosperity.

Recipes and cookbooks should be organized and easily accessible. In fact, you might want to keep a separate magical recipe book from your regular Book of Shadows. Additionally, you can incorporate magical techniques into your cooking. While you’re blending a recipe try stirring in your intent and concentrating on the objective you wish to accomplish. Spread condiments like mustard in a sigil for your purpose when making a sandwich. Add the herbs or spices you need for magic to your bread when you bake it. You’ll be well on your way to success as a kitchen witch, do what you feel comes naturally above all, allow the feelings and sensations to feel you as you cook, create, and get in touch with your kitchen witchery.

But am I a witch in the kitchen?

You might be a kitchen witch if:

  • You decorate your space with great care and intention; creating an atmosphere of home.
  • You immediately determine whether or not a space resonates with you.
  • You enjoy cooking with organic whole foods as frequently as possible.
  • You enjoy growing your own food and frequenting local markets.
  • You think that food is good for you.
  • You frequently cook for others to show your love.
  • You always come up with new recipes for cooking or baking.
  • You use natural products to clean (and probably make them as well).
  • Before you add ingredients to a dish, you enchant them.
  • A cup of tea is never just tea; rather, it is a ritual, a brew, and a magically prepared beverage.

When things in the home aren’t quite right, the modern Kitchen Witch might feel out of balance. Possibly moving houses, experiencing busier seasons, or being away from home for longer than usual. The Kitchen Witch is able to instruct others about the sacred nature of the kitchen and home.

How to Get Started with Kitchen Witchery

If you’re a beginner, look to guides like Greenleaf’s for advice on “meditations, charms, folk wisdom, and incantations along with instructive lore covering astrological aspects, phases of the moon, candle color alchemy, and exactly which domestic goddesses to invoke.” Another great place to start? Look at family recipes, study them, find your favorites, and make them your own.

There are many types of recipes one can study, from teas, to soups, stews, dinners, ointments, tinctures and more!!!

If you want to focus in on the study of herbs, you’d do well to get started with  Mountain Rose Herbs . You can also study Apothecary traditions at Common Wealth Holistic Herbalism. You can learn traditional herbal medicine, and use what you learn to apply it to your kitchen witchery practice.

Your home is an important part of who you are — so it makes good sense to tie your practice of witchcraft closely to the place where you build your life, Murphy-Hiscock explains. In The House Witch or Greenleaf’s The Book of Kitchen Witchery, both great beginner’s guides, you’ll discover everything you need to live, work, and practice in your own magical space, in your daily life. With these books and boxes of tools, you’ll have your very own practical guide to practical magic — magic that can change your life, if you know where and how to get started.

I will be writing our own guide to kitchen witchery and home craft/hearth craft as well, titled LunaOwl Herbalism Grimoire, so be on the lookout for more details about it to come.

It will be filled with beginner recipes, tonics, tinctures, oils, teas and so much more!


Kitchen Witchery, Recipes and More.

Much love and many blessings!

Mrs. B


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