Let’s make a Money Bowl


Let’s make a money bowl to start off the New Year! With the new year here my only resolution has been to post more and embrace my practice out in the open more. So with this in mind I want to share with you all a few things I am going to start using more in my daily practice. From Poppets, to Cinnamon Rituals on the 1st of the month, to other simple DIY things you can do on your own. Simmer Pots, Money Bowls, and anointing oils, there are so many things for me to share with you all.

Be sure to check out the post about Poppets here:

Now let’s make a money bowl!

Here is what you will need for the Money Bowl:

May be an image of text that says 'Let's make money bowl LunaOwl Unconventional Momma'

Small bowl


Paper or Bay leaf



Cinnamon stick

Rice or Salt

Tiger eye




Before creating your money bowl, take a moment to relax and meditate. This will allow you to ground yourself before you begin.

Throughout the creation of your money bowl, focus on your intention – abundance and increase wealth.

First, cleanse all your tools and ingredients using your favorite scent of incense. Visualize all negative energies, that may be stored on them, dissipating away.

Write your wishes and intentions onto the bay leaves – it can be as simple as one word or an affirmation. You can also write the exact amount of money you wish to attract; this can be any value you like.

Start to place your items into your bowl, whilst focusing on your intentions each time. Begin with the salt and then add the rest of your ingredients one by one.

Once you have added all of your ingredients, take a moment to sit with your bowl and focus on its intentions, bringing wealth and abundance into your life.

Place your bowl either by your front door or your workspace; make sure it is in a place in your home you visit often.

Every now and then, revisit and add more to your bowl. It can be money, herbs, crystals, or anything you feel pulled to add. Each time concentrate on your intentions as you add each item to the bowl.


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