Hey there lovelies!! Yes, my dears you read that right. We started our podcast finally! We dropped the first episode today. I hope to do a couple of these a week may 2 a week to start with and see how that goes. Here is the first ever episode for your listening pleasure. Podcast will…

52 Hike Challenge!

Hey there my lovelies! I just wanted to let you all know about something my little family and I have started. This is for many different reasons but one of the most important is to reconnect with nature. Sometimes I feel there is a huge disconnect with my body and my spiritual self and the best way to get that balance back is to be out in nature.

Dolls Head Trail -Atlanta, Georgia

This is a collection of photos from Doll’s Head Trail located in ATL Ga. This is a social conscious collection of art made from trash that has been found over then years in the trail or washed up from the lake and creek near the trail. The art is full of messages and thought provoking ideas. We hope you enjoy our collection of photographs as we hiked along the trail.