Dolls Head Trail -Atlanta, Georgia

Hey there! So we have started a thing as a family called 52 hikes, the goal is to do a mile a week, if not more. We have so far done 2 hikes; this was part of the second hike. We have decided to start off slow and easy with them and work up to more moderate/hard trails. This way I can build up strength in my knee which has been very stubborn lately.

Without further delay allow me to share some of the photos that we turned into an art collection:

This is a collection of photos from Doll’s Head Trail located in ATL Ga. This is a social conscious collection of art made from trash that has been found over then years in the trail or washed up from the lake and creek near the trail. The art is full of messages and thought provoking ideas. We hope you enjoy our collection of photographs as we hiked along the trail.

For the complete series please come visit our photography page on Facebook.

Much love and many blessings!

Mrs. B


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