Intro to Bindrunes

Let’s start off with the simple part, what are bindrunes and how do you use them? Bind Runes or Bindrunes: Are a combination of two or more runes put together to make a sigil/talisman/charm/token, basically whatever you want to put them on you can.You have to pay attention to the intent and the meaning on the runes that you are combining, if you do not, you can cancel out the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish.Runes have always been a tool for divination, bindrunes are a way to increase the power and the intent of your spell, your words, and or your craft itself.

The word bindrune means the binding of two or more runes. They occur intermittently throughout runic writings, however it was mostly prevalent in Norse writings and rarely so in Anglo-Saxon ones. The usual purpose was to abbreviate writing but in some cases it was used to hide what was written.Initially used during the Viking age on Norse gravestones it gradually faded out of use along with all other runic writing, except in Iceland where the tradition continued. Not only were they used there for the purpose of writing in general but they were also used in magic, including charms, spells and their Galdrastafir – magic symbols.Runir Seu Danica, O Worm, 1651, p120.Ole Worm made an extensive study of runes and wrote in Latin Runir Seu Danica a section regarding bindrunes which he calls jugationibus. He provides one example showing a glyph of the name Olafur, and later gives an extensive table of possible combinations.This demonstrates clearly how bindrunes are of two types. One being a string of several runes to be read either top to bottom or bottom to top along a single stem. The other is a more simple case of two runes using their main stem to go back to back. Not unexpectedly, the A-rune ᛆ, O-rune ᚮ and U-rune ᚢ were the most common to be used.

Bindrunes can be used for anything in life you’re looking to receive help with. Saving money, protecting your home, finding love or a new job. Whatever intent you have, a bindrune can exist for it. The materials you use will vary depending on how long you need the bindrune.For a one time ritual you can use paper or wood.For an extended use you can use wood, antler, clay or leather.For more permanent use, metal or rock.There’s many other materials you can use but these are just examples.When creating your bindrune I recommend consecrating it afterwards. Once consecrated you can use it immediately in your ritual, leave it on your altar or carry with you. There is no “right” or “wrong” time to use it, just follow your intuition. Bindrunes can also be given as offerings to the God’s and Goddesses.


1. Memorize each of the runes, their shape and meanings.I work with the Elder Futhark and memorized them by using flash cards.

2. Determine your intent of the bindrune.Do you need help saving money? Are you looking to find a bit more happiness in your life? Decide what you want to accomplish by creating this bindrune.

3. Pick your runes.Now that you have an intent, go through the runes and find which ones are most suiting for your needs. I recommend using 3-5 runes. More than this might make the bindrune unfocused.

4. Design the bindrune.Write your runes on a piece of paper and draw out several designs. Which combination calls to you the most? Which ever seems most suiting will be your bindrune.

Often times after creating your bindrune you will find hidden runes within it. For instance, the Isa rune will always be within your bindrune. Check and see what other hidden runes are within your bindrune and if you need to adjust the runes.Also keep in mind there are runes with merkstave or “reversed” meanings. Merkstave meanings aren’t necessary negative but give you insight on potential warnings. The Algiz rune flipped up-side-down will hold a different meaning than it does right-side-up so be mindful of how you’re placing your runes.Very informative video on how to make and activate your bindrunes.

We will get more into Runes, and how to use them here soon, but until then I hope that this helps explain what bindrunes are and how to use them in your everyday life.


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