Intro to Creating Sigils

Many people are interested in learning about sigil magic, including how to charge a sigil, what a sigil is, and how to make one. The premises is very similar to what I discuss in the intro into bindrunes which I will link below.

The process of creating a symbol or image in your subconscious mind to bring a desire to fruition is known as making a sigil. The practice of sigil magic has the potential to elevate your spirituality to new heights. There are a wide range of ways of making sigils which is exquisite on the grounds that you can modify a procedure that turns out best for you!

What is a sigil?

The Latin word sigillum, which means seal or signet, is the source of the term sigil.
A sigil is a design or symbol that you make to work with your unconscious self to help you achieve your goals and dreams. You can focus and get clear on your goals with sigil magic.
You should always make your own sigils because the sigil itself has no magical properties and only serves as a way to enter your subconscious. When you use sigils created by someone else, you break the connection and prevent the sigil from entering your subconscious mind.

Sigils and their many functions and powers were explained by sixteenth-century German polymath and physician Henry Cornelius Agrippa, in a book detailing different facets of Occult Philosophy.

Described as ‘the magical encyclopaedia of the Renaissance’, this work brought together Greek and Roman occultism drawn from classical sources with medieval Jewish Kabballah, aiming to provide technical explanations and procedures for practical magic.

Occult Philosophy explained in detail how magic could be employed practically, laying bare the secrets of the natural world including stones, herbs, trees and metals, the celestial and mathematical world encompassing the influence of planets, stars and numbers, and the intellectual world of pagan gods, spirits, angels, devils.

Science Museum Group Journal

How are sigils used?

Understanding that you are attempting to connect with your unconscious self and circumvent your conscious mind is essential when learning how sigils function.
It will be difficult for you to achieve your goals because the conscious mind will impose constraints, skepticism, or barriers on them. However, your spiritual power is unlimited if you can connect directly to your subconscious!

An intention-based symbol can communicate directly with your unconscious self without the need for words! While you go about your day, sigils will begin to work toward your intention by implanting an idea into your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind will be prompted to begin looking for ways to help you achieve your desire or goal by this visualization! Put your sigil work out of your mind and don’t dwell on it after it’s finished. Your sigil should depart from your conscious mind and simmer in your unconscious mind.

Creating a Sigil: Types and Methods

When making a sigil, you can use any colors, personal symbols, or letters you want. Don’t let these kinds and methods hold you back! Keep in mind that there is no wrong way to make a sigil! Make things that come easily to you and let your intuition guide you!

Word Sigils

Austin Osman Spare, an English artist who lived from 1886 to 1956, is credited with the development of the word sigil Zos Kia Cultus. Later, chaos magic was based on his ideas.

In the early 1900s, Aleister Crowley invited Spare to join his Thelemite magical order. Spare was a member for only a short time because he despised the strict structure and ceremonial magick Crowley practiced. In Spare’s book “The Book of Pleasure, he described Crowley and his followers as –

These Magicians, whose insincerity is their safety, are but the unemployed dandies of the Brothels. Magic is but one’s natural ability to attract without asking; ceremony what is unaffected, its doctrine the negation of theirs.

Austin Osman Spare

The Lesser Key of Solomon was one of the medieval grimoires that Spare was particularly interested in. However, he wanted to create and use sigils for personal practices rather than using them to summon spirits. He attempted to simplify the procedure rather than employ Aleister Crowley’s intricate Enochian magic.

Spare’s practices included a lot of sex, and when he made sigils, he wanted to talk to his unconscious sexual energy. In his book “The Book of Pleasure,” he shared his ideas for word sigils, which he called “sigilization.” Sadly, he passed away in 1956, long before his sigil concepts gained popularity in the early 1990s.

How to Make a Word Sigil To make your own word sigil, start with your intention (Spare referred to this as your statement of desire), cut out any letters that keep coming back, and make a sigil with the letters that remain.

Try starting with “I wish” as Spare suggests if you struggle to write down your goal. However, many practitioners of more contemporary magic hold the belief that writing in the present tense, as though your intention has already been realized, is essential. For instance, I feel beautiful in my own skin (see the picture below).

Of course, you are completely free to make the decision! Don’t, won’t, or not are all negative words to use. Keep your words positive. The words you want your sigil to represent should be strong and powerful.

Try removing vowels to simplify the process if you have too many letters remaining and find it difficult to combine them into a sigil design that resonates with you. Feel free to give your final image a few creative touches or to draw a circle around it to contain its energy.
The aesthetic is a common source of frustration when creating sigils. Instead of letting the beauty of your work discourage you, follow your gut instinct!

  • Present-tense means phrasing your desire as though you already have it, using “I am” instead of “I will.”
  • For example, if you often feel self-conscious and unsure of yourself, you could manifest positive energy with a starting sentence like “I am a confident and capable person.”
  • Then, distill that sentence down to: “M C N F D N T N D C P B L P R S N” (without vowels).
  • Finally, cross out repeating letters to end up with: “M C N F D T P B L R.”
  • From here merge the remaining letters into on image

Pictorial Sigils

Spare invented the pictorial sigil, which makes sense given that he was an artist. He believed that the sigil could more easily connect with the subconscious if it used images rather than words to convey an intention.

Here are a few examples: a paintbrush if you want to improve your painting skills; a flame if you’re working with the element fire; a heart for love; a wave, drop of water, or snowflake if you’re working with the element water; a dollar sign for prosperity; a shield or antlers for protection; a mountain if you’re working with the element earth; an eye if you want to improve your intuition or divination skills; a star.

While creating a pictorial sigil, make sure you’re relaxed and creative. Enjoy using it! I created an illustration for you below based on the phrase “I am always changing and growing.”
Even though pictures are used in this sigil, you can still use letters or symbols to make your own! You are welcome to incorporate any designs that enrich your spiritual practice, such as Elder Futhark Rune which much like the word sigils are uniquely you when you create a bindrune symbol or Celtic Ogham Alphabet symbols.

Magic Squares

First, let’s look at the background of the most well-known magic square, the Lo Shu grid. The tortoise shell’s back had grid markings, and Yu, the Chinese emperor, thought the 33 pattern was a perfect magical square. There were numerous uses for the Lo Shu grid: in Taoist magic, astrology, divination, and as a symbol of harmony.

When the sum of the numbers in a magic square is the same when added horizontally, vertically, AND diagonally, it is said to be magical.The Lo Shu Grid illustration below demonstrates that each direction has a total of 15.

The magic squares used by the Romans also contained letters rather than numbers. They were used as amulets and hung on walls, typically with five letters. The Sator square, a super palindrome that can be read from left to right, right to left, and up and down, is the most well-known. The Sator square has five Latin words: Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, and Rotas, as shown in the example below.

During the Middle Ages, magic squares gained a lot of popularity and began to appear in works and literature from a variety of fields, including alchemy, astrology, mathematics, and occultism.
Alchemists frequently created sigils to correspond with and reflect the knowledge and energy of a planet. Later, these might be used in rituals to represent or call the power of the planet.
Magic squares can be used to make your own distinctive sigils.

Start with your goal . We’ll use “My success is inevitable” as an example. Then we will condense it down to one key word. Success.

To create a one-of-a-kind sigil, combine the Lo Shu Grid and the chart below.
We can get the following numbers using success and the chart below: 1 3 3 3 5 1 1. After that, get rid of any numbers that come in succession, and we’ll get – 1 3 5 1. Read on to learn how we’ll make use of this with the Lo Shu Grid. So for this one we start and stop on the same note..

Once you have it, then you can add more touches to it if desired, make it as uniquely you as you would like it to be.

How to Charge or Activate a Sigil

Now that you have the basics down for creating a few different types we will talk about giving your sigil power. There are numerous methods for charging or activating a sigil; however, you must determine which one is most effective for you.

You intend to emotionally and spiritually distance yourself from your sigil after it is completed. Put it away from your mind. This can last for as long as you think it needs to be—a few days, a week, or even a moon cycle. It’s time to charge your sigil after you’ve completely separated from it.

You can charge your sigil in a number of different ways, the most common of which are with spiritual, sexual, or emotional energy; however, it is essential that you choose a method that works best for you. It’s essential that you feel at ease! Again with your magic, you have to decide what works best for you, there really isn’t a wrong or right way for your personal practice when it comes to giving your work the power it needs. Embedding the sigil’s image into your subconscious mind is the most important step in activating it. It is willing it into existence.

Here are some ideas to help you

  • Using music in ones practice can always help heighten the mood, the magic, and one’s higher self.
  • Meditation
  • Picturing your sigil in your mind and holding it there for several mins while entering in a trance or calm state.
  • You can look at your sigil or think about it during an orgasm (either with a partner or by yourself). Note, Sex magic is very powerful and should be used with caution for those who are new.
  • Charge it during an extremely emotional time when you are experiencing intense feelings (such as sadness, fear, happiness, etc.).
  • Repeat your keyword or phrase as you focus on your sigil and meditate on it.
  • Anoint it with Moon Water or anointing oils.
  • Sound cleansing, you can also use singing bowls, rattles, drums, or chanting.
  • Place it with the appropriate crystals for as long as you think is necessary.

How to Destroy Sigils

Now, this is just as important as the creation of the sigil! Please keep in mind that for many the creation of the bindrune & the sigils are not meant to be forever affixed to anything. While they were created for a purpose once they have achieved the goal the magic should be dispersed. There can be some debate about whether or not it is necessary to destroy sigils. I personally, do take part in destroying sigils or bindrunes that no longer have a purpose for me.

Think about your sigil’s intention when trying to make your own decision. Keep in mind that creating and releasing sigils into your subconscious mind is the focus of sigil magic. When a sigil is destroyed, the intention or desire can be let go so that it can accomplish its goal. After that, you can continue with your life and let the sigil do its thing.

However, seeing a sigil on a regular basis can serve as a reminder to your unconscious self and provide energy to your intention or desire on a regular basis .A semi-permanent sigil that will gradually dissipate over time is another option.

Create a ritual if you decide to destroy your sigil. Before you release it into the universe and your subconscious, spend some time with it. For future reference, you might want to write down your sigil and the intentions it represents in your spiritual journal, grimoire, or Wiccan Book of Shadows.

  • Burn your sigil that’s written on paper, a bay leaf, or carved into a candle (burning is the most common technique and can also be used while also simultaneously activating your sigil)
  • Tear it up
  • Release into a stream, river, or water of choice
  • Bury them
  • Release it into the wind
  • Erase it if the sigil is written in pencil
  • Blow on it

Now your work is complete! It is essential to let go of your sigil and not allow it to consume your thoughts. Your sigil should depart from your conscious mind and simmer in your unconscious mind.

Creative Ways to Use a Sigil

If you intend to make a permanent or semi-permanent sigil here are twenty creative ways to use it!

  1. Place behind your phone case
  2. Use in Kitchen Witchery –
    • Burn into wooden spoons
    • stir into tea or soup
    • spread icing onto a cake
    • carve into the bottom of pie crust
  3. Write inside or on the bottom of your shoes
  4. Stitch into your clothing or other fabrics (pillowcases, quilts, blankets, fiber artist projects, etc)
  5. Carve into wood or firewood
  6. Place on your skin (as a tattoo, with makeup, or something that can be washed off like eyeliner or mascara)
  7. Write on a bay leaf if you intend to burn it
  8. Place onto rocks
    • Put around your home for protection
    • Carry it with you
    • Bury them outdoors
    • Bring them to your place of employment
  9. Carve into candles, this is a wonderful way to amply spells and intent.
  10. Place into your Wiccan Book of Shadows, grimoire, or spiritual journal
  11. Use ash from incense or smoke cleansing to write your sigil wherever you like
  12. Draw onto a foggy windowpane or on your mirror after you shower
  13. Make into a key ring
  14. Place into a book or on a bookmark
  15. Keep in your purse or wallet
  16. Place behind jewelry or a watch so it’s always with you
  17. Carve it into an ice cube and place it out in the sun to melt (great when working with ice or water in your spiritual practice)
  18. Home remodel or design projects
    • Freshly poured concrete or DIY concrete pavers
    • Beneath flooring or carpet
    • Use it when painting a wall in your home or behind wallpaper
  19. In clay pots in your garden space (you can add some flair to it by turning it upside down and placing a solar light inside)
  20. Place it on your altar

If you decide that you need to make one fast without having to put much thought into it, there are several very good generators out there that can show you how to make a quick and easy one. for instance allows you to type in your intention and it creates the sigil for you. It uses a circle method and allows you to download a .png of the sigil you created. You can create as many as you would like and you can even donate to the website. The sigil I created below is for bringing more traffic to a website. The possibilities are endless with sigils and bindrunes alike. Is also another good generator which goes of the magic square method and combine alphabet . This one I created below taps into that sex magic we we talking about earlier. It is to bring more magic into the bedroom. They allow you to download your sigil in a .png or a vector option.

As always, I hope this has helped someone out there and I will make another post soon about the circle method. In the meantime, if you have any questions or want me to research another method for you just comment on the post, hit me up on social media, or send me an email to

Much love and many blessings!

Mrs., B


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