Weird Dreams: Messages for someone.


Let me start by saying, sometimes I have dreams for others that have nothing to do with me, sometimes they are clear and I know who needs the message. While other times I have dreams I have no idea where that message is supposed to go or who it goes to. With that being said, I had a dream last night I want to share, perhaps it is meant for a reader here or even one of the fans on the facebook page.

There is a small house that is set back away from things, its semi wooded like an old farmhouse but it is still within the city. This husband and wife go to clear out the house due to someone having passed away. They came to the house in two different vehicles, something happens where they argue and the husband takes the wife’s vehicle and the kids and leaves her with his truck sitting outside.

The wife is totally confused by his actions, but shrugs it off and goes back to packing up things in boxes. She takes the boxes out to the truck to load them up, when the husband pulls back into the driveway. She puts the boxes in the bed of the truck and looks over at her husband. She asks why he left, she says she is sorry they got in an argument but this was neither the time or place to do this.

The husband gets out of the car and walks over to her, he has a very confused look on his face and says. ” I ran into S [can’t remember the name] when I was dropping the kids off at my family’s house. She had something very interesting to tell me.”

The wife looks at her husband with a look of concern and confusion. “What did she say?”

The husband looks at her and starts telling her what the other woman had said [this is where it gets a little hazy for me] the woman said something to the effect of that the wife had either lied to her husband or stolen something from him back in the 3rd grade, and it had something to do with a stuffed Clifford the big red dog. Basically, the wife either lied to him about the incident with Clifford where she gave it to him when it was really from someone else or she in fact had stolen it and blamed it on someone else. Either way, it leaves the husband feeling lied to and a bit hurt/confused.

He says to her ” I feel like our whole relationship is built on a lie.”

The wife looks at him and says. “No! I love you and our kids, can’t you see that.”

The husband shakes his head and raises his arm, knocking down one of the boxes and out tumbles a Clifford the big red dog. She runs over to him and wraps her arms around his neck and tries to kiss him, he moves back or tries to… she kisses him several times and he tries not to kiss her back.

Then I wake up.

Here is my take away from this dream….

Someone needs to be more open and honest with their partner, there is a lie that is looming over their relationship that is threatening everything that they have built together. There is something from the past that is pressing you to be open about it, now is the time to come clean. Do not wait for others to expose the message for you. If you want to have a happy and successful relationship with your partner, there should never be any secretes from one another. Being open and honest, having clear and concise communication is the best way to ensure that your relationship succeeds.

If this message resonates with anyone please reach out to me and let me know.

I will try to post more like this if people are interested in the messages I get or the dreams that I have.

Until next time,

~LunaOwl ~J


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