Suver Haze: Review

Suver Haze from Dr. Strains CBD

So we will start off with a little from their website and then go from there, this is probably going to be one of our longer reviews.

“Suver Haze, a high CBD hemp strain, has remarkable calming effect that can be utilized in daytime as well as in the evening to put you in a relaxed restful state of mind for the night. It is considered an industrial hemp variety so great things are expected from it and it never disappoints the grower or the enthusiasts. For the grower, it is mold resistant with high yield. For the enthusiasts, it relaxes day or night. Suver Haze hemp strain is known to be relaxing – a daytime type relaxation and an evening or nighttime type relaxation. At 19% total CBD, it is a great strain for smoking or vaping in order to get your dose of “Suver Effect”. The smoke is surprisingly smooth and fragrant. The vape experience is rich because of the unique terpene profile. Suver Haze hemp strain has a long line of fans and repeat customers showing their loyalty to this particular strain.

They believe in it and want it on the shelf for quick and frequent access. Suver Haze Hemp Strain Genetics:

The breeders conducted a very tight and selective breeding to arrive with the desirable characteristic. It is consistently mold-resistant with high yield and a very special flower. Suver Haze is genetically similar to Krishna’s Special Sauce and has similar appearance and flavors. Suver Haze originated from the Southern Oregon region as a Sativa dominant hybrid. However, it can be cultivated in many climates in the United States.With a CBD content of 16%, Suver Haze CBD hemp flower is perfect for nighttime relaxation as well as a daytime style relaxation. The terpene profile is important, almost as important as the CBD and THC content. This time it includes beta-myrcene, farnesene, beta-caryophyllene. Color, Taste Aroma Suver Haze hemp strain has it all in “yummy portions.” The sights, flavors and aroma all blend into a profile that lingers with smoothness. The dense buds are medium to large flowing between forest green and light green with a heavy endowment of orange pistols. It provides flavors of fruit, pine, freshly cut plants, and a heavy undercurrent of sweet tropical fruit.

Suver Haze Therapeutic Benefits:

Suver Haze hemp strain has high levels of the terpenes myrcene, Full Spectrum Vs Broad Spectrum CBD Farnesene, and caryophyllene. Caryophyllene is great for inflammation which is often the perpetrator of pain. It is high in CBD content, but it also has an effective combination of terpenes also good for pain relief, anxiety and depression. Suver Haze is a great choice of hemp flower for those looking for relaxation in both daytime or night time.”

How have we smoked it? Joint & Bowl so far, we really have not felt the urge to put this one through the bong. Why because the hit/draw you pull off of this strain does not have an instant throat grab. Its mild both in a pipe & in a joint, now this does not mean you won’t cough, because everyone is different. What this does mean is that you are less likely to have a coughing fit with it. Flavor Notes: Peppery, Pine, Floral, Citrusy.- Kind of like a sparkling grapefruit- Not overly in your face but just enough flavor to be enjoyable.

On first inhaling you get that peppery note that comes in full force with a piney exhale Now, allow me to say this particular strain is not well known for its flavor or for it’s scent.- This is coming straight from the CBD community and not from the website.

Suver is a little dank & gassy on the scent. While its profile may be one of the lesser sought after ones in the flavor & scent area; Suver does what it is supposed to do! What do we mean by this?Well, Suver is known for knocking out pain & anxiety, The effect of Suver can be felt rather fast or rapid after smoking it. We have tried several ways, from the joint- and spoon pipe. This is one we keep coming back to!

Chronic Pain Tester- Jess “ This knocks my pain down within the same amount of time that the average pain pill does if not faster. It leaves my body in a relaxed and enjoyable state, where the inflammation and pain are almost non-existent! “ Anxiety Sufferer- Michael “This is one that mellows me right out, this would be good for those days where you are faced with high stress.” We both agree that this one could be used as an all day smoke if needed. It tackles the main problems we have without causing couch lock or affecting the mental awareness to much. 5 out of 5 Leaves! Totally worthy on stocking up on in our opinion ❤


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