Sour Cherries: Review


Sour Cherries From JK Distro

We decided to try this one three different ways, we loaded up in the bong to try it that way first then we decided to try a joint for more of a flavor profile. Still not wanting to give it up we tried the pipe finally to see if our initial reactions were just wrong. I will include all methods and impressions below

From their site:

“Potency:CBD 15.6%Total Cannabinoids 16.66%Terpene 3.2%One of our most cherished 🍒 favorites from “seasons past.” Revitalized with our cultivator’s amazing sugar male to produce a unique one-of-a-kind smoking experience to ease your worries.Sour Cherries 🍒 offers aromas of cherry notes with hints of cheese and black pepper. Clocking in at 16.66% total cannabinoid and 3.2% Terpene profile, one of our most most flavorful indoor flowers!Beautifully grown and the utmost love and care with this pheno. Bright orange hairs and pestles pop from the Sour Cherries 🍒 Lineage – CherryPie X Sour OGSour Cherries Terpene Profile Total terpenes: 3.2%Primary terpenes: Pinene, Linalool, Limonene and Terpineol”

1: Bong:

The hits were very light and airy, not much of a throat grab at all. The flavor was underwhelming, which left us both disappointed. We had expected more of a pop with the flavor profile than we were getting on each hit. There was a slight sour tingle on the sides of the tongue but nothing that really made either of us jump for joy in the flavor profile. We finished off the bong. The smoke experience was pleasant, the smell was not too heavy, a bit dank & gassy but nothing too strong. The flower itself seemed a bit dry in comparison to its counterparts we had ordered and tried. But we did not want to give up on it just yet. We opted for the next day to try it in a joint

2: Joint:

We ground up some of the flower and rolled it into a joint [RAW papers- unflavored/unfiltered] We spark it up and give it a go. The slight sourness was there but again nothing really that made us excited to taste it more. We did know this go round that the effects from the Cherries was very pleasant and calming. But that flavor profile just was not hitting the notes that it needed to for us to really be in love with this one. So we decided to wait a couple of days and add the remaining portion of the gram to the pipe for one last try.

3: Pipe:

Loading up the pipe and crossing our fingers we are hoping that this one is the one that gives us a glimpse at what the flavor is supposed to be. We light the bowl & take a hit, first few nothing new… BUT then a little hit sneaks through and grabs our attention. A Cherry flavor and something else much like an Amaretto with a bit of pepper. It’s there, but then it is only for a moment, the flavor disappears again and we are saddened it isn’t all the way through the smoke like it has been in other strains.


While the flavor was truly underwhelming to us, the effects of the Sour Cherries was very pleasant, it eased off anxiety in about 10-15 mins. Not a rapid onset but a good enough one that it would work for maintaining moods, but not necessarily as a prevention method to keep an anxiety attack from creeping in, However, If you used it as an all day smoke it might. This one is good for the mental chill and relaxing your mind in our opinion. All and All this one gets 3 out 5 leaves for us. Good but not quite “ounce worthy” for either of us.

It might be that we just got a bad or dry batch this go round. It happens. We would be willing to give this one a second go. As we don’t fully want to give up on it. The effects were great, but both of us agree the flavor just was not there.


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