Northern Lights 2021: Review

Northern Lights 2021 – JkDistro

Okay, let me start off with saying this- Northern Lights has us split down the middle! So this is a strain that may have different people liking it more than others, and that simply boils down to body chemistry, mass, etc. We had looked around the site for quite a bit before we added this one to our cart for purchase. We read the description, watched some reviews and felt fairly confident adding it to our cart.

A VERY indica-dominant hemp hybrid, this cultivar is a rare beautiful phenotype indeed! Superior bud structure.🏆  Very Potent, one of our most strongest 🥊. This Strain is loaded with Minors (CBCa CBDVa CBGa CBDa) this is a great representation of high cannabinoid, high Terpene Heaven! Descended from two iconic strains, Northern Lights and White Widow. It has an incredible body and super heady effect that is hard to match among hemp strains, and its profile lends itself to nighttime sessions making it great for relaxing at the end of the day. Pops of purple sugar leaves. Forest to light green calyxes covered in fresh coating sugary white trichomes gives Northern a wonderful aesthetic. The jar appeal is quickly followed by a pervasive stench of herbal, green danky heaven.  Some say Northern Lights has a sweet transy after taste that’s almost like melon, and it makes the nose tingle when exhaling. This strain is a great choice for those seeking potent and effective relief with a tasty dank ass hemp flower!  Lineage – Afghanistan Indica X Skunk OG Northern Lights Terpene Profile  Total terpenes: 2.21%  Primary terpenes:  Myrcene, Bisabolol, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Terpineol

From the description above you can see where this one might give a chronic pain sufferer hope and some one who suffers from anxiety some reprieve. We were really hoping this would be our bedtime strain that gave us both uninterrupted sleep and nixed the insomnia we both suffer from. We got the package and opened it up. The smell was very strong but not in a bad way. This one is probably the strongest on smell we have ordered so far. We tried this three ways- Bong, Joint, & Pipe. So we did give it the full round of testing in all three methods.


We decided to load it up in the bong first as it was supposed to be one of the strongest, we worried about that throat grab potential. Grind it- Pack it- Spark it- Hit it. We both draw in several inhales/hits of the bong and wait….. Nothing. So we go a few more rounds & finish off the bowl in the bong. We wait some more and then talk it over and see if we felt anything or not.

Mr B- Fell asleep. This go round, he did not notice much while he was sleeping other than he woke up way less. 4 out of 5 leaves

Mrs. B- Look a while to fall asleep but was comfortable laying down watching TV. No real strain in the muscles, joints, nerves, etc. Just a calm body chill. This is not to be confused with the :INDACOUCH feeling some people will describe from Indica strains. Over all for this night 2 out of 5 leaves


Trying to figure out if the night before was a fluke, we decided to roll up a joint and try this in the middle of the afternoon. We both are wanting it to be a good strain for both of us, especially if it makes us want to have that INDACOUCH moment. Something that will make us want to head to bed and take a long nap, or sleep all night. Perhaps switching it up and trying it this way will give a more unadulterated experience. IF not then we test it one more time in the Pipe before calling it good. We made sure to do it later in the day, but not right at bedtime this time. We cooked dinner and then went to smoke the joint.

Grind it- Roll it- Spark it- Hit it.

Throat Grab Warning- This strain when not in a bong can and will have a throat grab for most of its users. [We say most- not all] This means you can and will have a coughing fit if you are not careful.

Mr B: Smoked half of the joint : Still not really feeling anything hard hitting he did say it gave him an emotional chill for a bit but that it was not long lasting at all. This time no sleepiness either.

Mrs B : Smoked half of the joint: Not really a whole lot of anything to note, the flavor was muted but the smell was strong. The effects were lackluster, since Mrs. is a chronic pain sufferer, there was a lot to be expected from this strain, especially according to what the website had to say.

A few days pass then we try the Pipe.


Throat Grab was MUCH worse on the pipe than in the other two methods.

Mrs B: A little bit of a head buzz that lasted about 15-20 minutes While there was a slight head buzz there was not a body buzz that came with this. Coughing Fit- Did occur.

Mr B: Lasted even less than it did for Mrs. B, possibly around 5 mins. No Body buzz or head buzz that really made an impression.

Overview/Conclusion :

What we can agree on: We wanted to like this more than we did, we had high hopes for this strain reading the information & watching the reviews. But alas, it fell flat for both of us.

Mr B: I think we actually may have gotten the 2020 Strain and not the new one.

Mrs B: Pulls out the card that came with the gram.

It appears that Mr: B is correct on this

Unfortunately this is also something we ended up agreeing on, this is possibly the original strain and not the 2021 strain as it states on the website. I will drop the side by side below:

If you notice, there is also something else that doesn’t match up. The numbers of the strain %’s on the site vs the #’s on the card. They don’t match up at all, or even close. While we are aware that each plant /batch will be different… the numbers should be closer than what is listed on the card.

Mr. B’s Overall Experience: Slept longer but was not sure if it was from just being super tired or if it was the Northern Lights that aided in this. Barely anything was felt in his body for relaxation or even for a mental chill. 2 out of 5 leaves

Mrs B: Overall Experience: Slight head buzz, no body buzz, no help with sleep.

3 out 5 leaves

Overall From both the Mr. & Mrs.: Combined Rating 2.5 leaves. 


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