Basic List of Herbs for Smudging/Cleansing

This post is for those who need it written down rather than on a graphic, however if you would like you can go to the post listed below and use the graphics for your reference at any time as well.

Basic List of Herbs for Smudging: See our graphics here

Alfalfa– associated with psychic abilities, and attracting animal spirits.

Allspice – for uplifting and increasing energy, and determination.

Amaranth – for healing, protection, vulnerability, especially healing of broken hearts.

Aspen – for ascension, protection, and overcoming fears.

Basil – for attracting love, happiness, peace, and money; steadies the mind.

Bay Leaves – for psychic power, divination, success, and money; invoking wish magic.

Blue Spruce – the symbol of pure intentions, generosity, and giving.

Calendula – for love and constancy.

Catnip – attracts good spirits and great luck. For love, beauty, and happiness.

Cedar – banishes fear and enhances psychic powers.

Chamomile – for protection and purification.

Cinnamon – when burned raises high spiritual vibrations and aids healing.

Cloves – for protection and exorcism; attracting opposite sex.

Coastal Sage or Artemisia Californica – for clearing negative energies and healing holes or tears in the aura.

Dandelion – for divination, spirit calling, and wish magic.

Dill – for protection, luck, money, and lust.

Eucalyptus – for healing and protection.

Frankincense resin – reduces stress, eases tension, and connects you with Source energy.

Ginger – adds power to any magical activity, speeds things up; brings passion.

Lavender – brings peace, relaxation, and restful sleep; purity and love.

Lemongrass – for cleansing and purifying, removing obstacles, and opening doors.

Lilac – for protection and exorcism.

Mugwort or Artemisia Vulgaris – brings clarity and develops/deepens psychic abilities.

Myrrh resin – for physical healing and grounding.

Palo Santo – for deep healing to the physical body; can be used to clear a home of energies associated with illness.

Peppermint – for purity, protection, release, and renewal.

Pinon Pine resin – protective, healing, and nurturing.

Rosemary – for removing negative energies associated with sickness, and clearing.

Sage Flowers – for cleansing and releasing negative energies; brings wisdom and purity.

Thyme – excellent for releasing ceremonies; allows us to recall the past without pain.

White Sage or Salvia Apiana – used to clear negative energies from objects, space, or people.


I would like to note, some of the herbs & trees are endangered so please keep that in mind when purchasing these items. Research where they come from etc.

Also, sometimes you have people who will not be fond of you using herbs and things outside of your culture. Just be mindful of that as well 😉 We want to promote well being and mindfulness ❤

Much love~

Mrs. B


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