Forced to pause

Oh life, how you are such a funny thing. You have a way of sneaking up on one and bringing everything to a screeching halt. I am sure you have noticed that all my postings abruptly stopped. It is not for my lack of wanting or trying. Nay. Not at all. I will try to explain what happened and why there was such a pause on everything we were doing for our family business and blogs.


So here is an update on why we have not been posting items, reviews, blog posts, or sales. I had some major health issues hit me like a ton of bricks. I was dx’d with several autoimmune issues and placed on some medications that are altering the way my body sees things.

Lupus, RA, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Antiphospholipid Syndrome on top of Osteoarthritis and Brittle bone disease just to give you an idea what my body has been going through. My hands and joints were screaming at me to stop! My energy level was nonexistent even on good days. So I decided it was time to pause the business, pause everything had going and resume once I could feel better.

In addition a few days ago I got the results back from my MRI. They said mainly what I already knew, such as I have some bulging disc. And there are issues from the L2 way down into the S1. There are some fractures in some of the vertebrae, some of them have shifted a bit pushing on nerves and such.

NONE of this I am surprised by considering its all things we learned in 2015 when they did the fusion. I told the tech ” I have a broke ass, I know. Tell me something I don’t know” The tech chuckled nervously and said, some of the fractures appear to be new and that on the right side seems to be a spot where one of the discs are pushing more into the nerve.

To sum it up: I am to make an appointment with another Neurologist. Its getting close to the point where I am just going to ask for a legal weed card and call it good LOL- Sorry, Not Sorry.

I also, in the meantime of trying to get my body to behave started working full time for a publishing company doing obituaries. Its a work from home job that allows me to help with everything in the household but still make money to help with providing for our family too.

Our daughter graduated high school and started college, our beloved elderly dog passed away, we got a puppy. LOTS of changes and life grabbed ahold of us.

So what does this all mean? As I start to feel better, I have more energy and less pain, less pain means more room for creating. More room for creating means more products and more practice ❤

We will be changing the way we do things however, sales will be every other Thursday or Friday and shipping will be the following Thursday or Friday.

This will allow me to work on things for LunaOwl Design & Apothecary/LunaOwl as I need to and still maintain my job. It’s all about balance right ❤

So here is to ringing in the new year and starting everything off on the right foot. Here is to feeling better and getting things together. Also, lets take a vote: Should we sell on Paypal, Square or Etsy? Let us know below ❤ Much love and many blessings to you all ❤🌙🦉

PS: I opened up or Etsy store:

Come check it out if you would like



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