Coming Soon! More Books!


Sneak Peeks at books that will be coming in the next year or so from our very own Jess Bicknell. More information and details of the books will follow at a later date. Some of these are in the works and others are in the early development stages. Please click on the book cover for more information on each title. Want to see your own design concepts up here or have your own works published? Reach out to us either on our page or on our website or shoot us an email at

Winter Amor-Rae, is unlike any woman he had ever know. Gambit Laurant fell in love with her at first sight, but little did he know, she held some darkness within her that she hid away from the worlds. Follow along with Gambit as he pursues the love of his life through the galaxies and beyond.

In the beginning there were 13. Each one gifted with special talents and what some might call abilities. This is their origin story, stories of their lives, their deaths, their families. Each story more twisted and surrounded by darkness than the next. Though it would take but one to end that generational curse for them all. Cosette Rogers, could she be the one after all this time? Only time could reveal the answers to that.

The hauntings started early deep with in the Georgia Mountains… from the moment she could remember, Lisbeth Serrano, could see things and hear things that were not there. It was not until she met her boyfriend Thomas Wright that it became clear to her that she was not crazy! There was something after her, and it would not stop until it had her in its grasp.

A story of a Neurodivergent young teenager and her ragtag group of friends. Navigating life and high school while just trying to find their way. Jade a child of a broken home and Camellia her best friend have many misadventures to share with you. Stories of how they got caught and the times they almost did but didn’t. Stories of love, finding one’s self, and many other things.

A holistic guide to herbs and flowers, this grimoire will help you to create many things right within your own home. Perfect for Kitchen Witches, Hearthcaft, and so many more! This will become your new how to for lots of things like candle making, scrubs, balms, spiritual baths and more.

This is a collection of recipes and stories for each and everyone of you budding herbalists.

A new take on Horror!

Visibly Hidden follows the journey of a vacation gone wrong. The Maethers family took a vacation every year, this year was no different. They booked a cabin deep within the Appalachian Mountains, right off the Chattahoochee River. It seemed like it would be the perfect retreat from their busy lives in the Atlanta Area. Boy, were they wrong. Their vacation would soon turn to horror, as an uninvited guest appeared…

There was a time when there was one main world, far beyond what we now know as the 9 universes of the Gods & Monsters. Once all the worlds were under the same domain; but there was a great divide. The Mother who resided deep within the mantle of the great world was ragged and torn by violence, she could no longer take the senseless deaths of her children. Her children were hunted for their gifts and for their knowledge. For nothing was more precious than a creature from pure


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