14 Day Meal Plan: Fall Dinners

Now this post is a little different than the other two because I have not made some of these yet and have only just found some of the new recipes to inspire me for the coming 2 week dinner meal plan. There are some classic ones in the list that I have made in the past and some that I hope will be new ones to add to the ” Make Again” arsenal.

1: American/TexMex/Nachos


Soooooo, this is actually what we are planning for dinner on Halloween/Samhain. Now don’t come for me because of the post, that recipe is from. Its true though its Americanized/TexMex white suburban food. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT…. I love it all the same. Its childhood, yes, my mother cooked really “White” and still does. Bless her, she was brought up in a southern household with a very American/white forward food taste. So that is how she cooked for us. I always looked forward to her version of “Taco Night” and it is something that I have passed on to my kids too.

We will be making some other things for the day like Soul Cakes and breads, but when it comes to dinner I wanted to keep it rather simple.

2: Crockpot pork stew/ Irish Pork Stew:


I am excited to make this stew, in the past I have made beef stew but with the diet changes proving to be beneficial it is in my best interest to continue to find other ways to cook things.

3: Boudin Balls & Dirty Rice:

I have never made Boudin balls before so this shall be an experience for both my husband and I. I do enjoy making dirty rice though and its one of my favorite things to make in colder weather. Along with a good Gumbo or Brunswick Stew; both of which I am sure will make it into up coming lists of ours. Cajun & Creole Food are delicious in our opinion.

4: Spaghetti with Quorn and Homemade Garlic Bread: This is from a previous list as well but it is a classic for our family and a go to for nights when energy or inspiration is lacking


5: Pierogi Skillet

I have not made this before either, but it is something I am very interested in seeing if it becomes part of the ” Make Again” list for our family. I do enjoy Pierogis so this seemed to be a very good way to turn these from a side into a main course. I will be changing it slightly when I cook it to remove the meat and add in Quorn the meat alternative.


6: French Toast/ Breakfast dinner:

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner every now an again?! We enjoy it usually at the end of the week, sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday, whichever day needs an easier ending once it comes time to cook in the kitchen.


7: Ground Turkey Rigatoni Soup:

8: Jambalaya with Chicken & Sausage


There is Creole classic that I can’t get enough of when the weather starts to cool off and the seasons start to change. This is a favorite of most of the family, our daughter isn’t too fond of it but that is okay. We will make sure we make her a pot of her fave noodles that night.

9: Tomato Mozzarella Bread with fried Eggs:

While the recipe is vegetarian, I do believe it needs to be topped with a good fried egg or even some silken tofu. I look forward to making this one as another breakfast food dinner on this list.

10: Tabbouleh Salad, Falafels with pitas or flat bread & Greek loaded fries.

This meal is bringing it back to my Lebanese Roots and tapping into that heritage. It has been a joy to be able to experience that part of myself that I never knew existed growing up. Flavors and experiences that were not known to me but are now being passed down to my children. I can only hope as we explore more of them that they too pass it down to their children for years to come.





11: Vegetable Lo Mein & Miso Soup

We love Asian inspired foods, if you cannot tell there is usually a stir fry or a meal that will be from either Korea, Japan, or Vietnam, sometimes an Asian Fusion all in one meal. Like this one here. We all love a good Lo Mein & adore Miso Soup.



12 :Italian veggie cottage pie: I love Cottage pies and Shepard’s pies so this one is exciting to me to try, though it isn’t my traditional ways of cooking either… part of my Irish Heritage. I am looking forward to giving this a go.


13: Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese with bacon and green beans on the side

Another thing we are trying to limit is gluten and slowly working on different ways to work with Cauliflower to do so. I have yet to make this but I am excited to try it all the same.


14: Sloppy Joes and homemade chips

Classic Kid Staple! While we cannot do beef any longer we can use ground turkey to make it or even meat substitutes if we are feeling up to it.



My husband makes the best chips I have ever tasted but it takes forever to make them, that and he never uses a recipe. This was the closest one I could find to what he makes.

I hope you enjoy this round of dinner meal planning and that it helps someone else out there answer the age old question of “What’s for dinner?!” I find that it really does help with that especially in a household full of Neurodivergent people. LOL!

Much love and many blessings!

Mrs. B


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