Para-Normal, Stupid Teenagers! Ghost Hunting. Part 1

Oh man, I have so many stories to tell you but it seemed only right that I continue to tell you about my Para-Normal experiences in order, or as much in order as I can. In my first Para-Normal I told you all about how I have always experienced things, even in my young childhood. I will link that here in a moment. What I did not share is that it has been something I believe that was passed down in the family and mine seems to be a little stronger due to a couple of near death experiences, even before I was 6 years old. What can I say, I was very accident prone and born with issues too. If you would like to take a listen to the first episode please feel free to visit the link and give it a listen when you have a chance.

Also, please give a read to my warning and information posts about Ouija boards today too, I know many are tempted to use on especially on a day when the veil is at its thinnest. But note, these are not just toys, but they are gateways and portals.

Now that we have those things out of the way; let me tell you about a bunch of kids bored in small town middle Georgia. There was not always a lot to do where we lived, and we tried our hardest to be good kids… well as good as we could be for the most part. So sometimes in our little ways of legal rebellion, we would try to figure out things to do that were pushing the limits. Like most teenagers do, I think it is a right of passage, you push to the limit and some exceed the limit more than they mean to. One night I get a call from a friend. [ Note names are changed] ” Hey, Amy found this cool list of urban legends in our area are you down…….” Totally didn’t let her finish her sentence before I answered. ” YES!!! Just tell us where.” Jasmine giggled and give us directions.

Me & Cam, called a few other people and made plans to meet everyone else at the Denny’s in Byron, from there we would ride out to these Urban Legend spots and go on a hunt for ghosts. We all grabbed a drink to go and hopped into 5 different cars, we made it a big group thing. Lots of us were bored that night and looking for something to do. We had looked at the MAPQUEST, yes MapQuest directions that Amy had passed out and each car got a print out. As we were driving to the first location I started to read about the closets one to us.

The first legend was Ghost Hill, also known as Gravity Hill:

So this is a bit different that the story we had but I will share it first then tell you about the one we had found, apparently it is a very common one in serval different areas.

Gravity Hill– “The other story”

Gravity Hill is located on at the intersection of 129 and 96 in Bonaire. It’s said that a witch is buried there and if you drive up the second hill you come in contact with and put your car in neutral, it will go to the top of the next hill.

Ghost Hill– Same location but our story was better.

It is said that there was once a lone driver, driving down the road in the middle of the night. He got a flat tired and hopped out to fix it. He was in between the two hills and there were no street lights to be seen in the area. All he had was his flash light and the light of his rear taillights to light up his area. He got out the spare tire, put the car up on a jack and made a note to himself how close to the edge of the road he was. There was not a lot of room to pull over in the middle of no where, he hoped that someone would not come barreling down the hill while it was fixing the flat. He kneeled down and began to take the lug-nuts off the wheel and was just about to take it off the car when his worse fear came true. A vehicle topped the first hill and was speed towards him. There was nothing he could do, he could not move out of the way in time. Instead he braced himself for impact and prayed it would be quick. It was.

The accident was called in by a passer by, the vehicle was take off and the man was buried. There was a little white cross put up at the scene where he had passed away. Some say it was placed there by the other driver, others don’t know how it got there. However, the cross often goes missing, as though someone had take it. It is said, should you have car trouble, that you don’t have to get out of your car and fix it, you just have to put on your flashers and pop your car into neutral for the ghost of the man to come help you. He doesn’t want anyone else to pass away in the manner that he did, so he tries to help as many people as he can.

I quit reading the legend and we all looked at each other for a moment. ” I have an idea! ” Sam said as he looked over to Tera. ” Jess [ keeping my name the same] Grab my bag back there. Right before it is our turn I want you to put some powder on the back and front bumper. I will stop before the hills and we can put it on there. That way we will know for sure if it works.” I smile and grab the bag, I had to admit it was a brilliant idea. We wait in line of our little 5 car entourage, ours being the last in line. I hope out and put the powder on the front bumper and back. We all get out to look at it to make sure there is nothing there before we start our turn. Nothing nada, no prints, cool. We all get in the car again and are excited, nervous and ready to see what happens. We drive to the mile marker the directions said to stop at, we roll down our windows, turn off the car and pop it into neutral. We sit in silence, for what feels like forever. Sam decides he wants to turn the car back on and call it. But something happened…. He could not start his car, the would not come on lights, t he starter would not turn over, nothing. A bit of panic began to fill the air.

” Don’t Panic” I said, I don’t know why I said this but I did. My heart was racing but I had a moment of calm and knew not to panic. Something was happening. I leaned out my window a tiny bit and closed my eyes. ” Can you help us?” I asked. Then leaned back in the car. Cam’s hand on mine and Adam looking at me like I was insane. Just then the lights flickered on in the car and a ding sounded. The car jerked forward slightly and rocked for a moment. Before we knew it the car was being pushed up the hill. This was no super slow, science explanation of it, NO we were being pushed up the hill. As the car made it to the top of the hill Shane decided to try turning the engine once more. This time the started sounded and the car turned on. We all let out a sigh of relief, no one wanted to call their parents and tell them we were stranded out in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE being stupid ghost hunting teenagers. We drove up the road a bit and caught up to our caravan of people. We pulled the car over but left it running. We all hopped out of the car and looked. There were handprints on the back bumper and on the hood of the car. The powder had been disturbed. There was also a foot print where it looked like they needed to add extra force to get the car rolling. Everyone from our car was silent as a Semi cam roaring past us at that moment, it swept the remaining powder off the car before the others could come see what we were staring at. Tera, Cam, Sam, Adam and I all stood there looking at one another. I smiled as I grabbed Cam’s hand again.

” Thank you!” I said loudly as Jasmine and Amy came waling up….

” Who are you talking to? Did it work for you, It didn’t for us. ” Everyone no joining us in front of Sam’s car.

” Well, it worked for us.” Sam said.

We all laughed and stood there for a moment. The other’s not believing a word of it. But we knew.

” Where to next?” Adam said ” Also someone switch cars with me, Jess creeped me out.” He laughed and patted my shoulder. I knew he meant it but that is okay. He would join us back later.

Adam and Robin switched places and she joined me and Cam in the back seat. We grabbed our handouts and the drivers plotted to go to the next location. [ That story will be in the next post]

Before we continue on about the Ghost hunt of that night let me take a moment to talk about this story and WHY it is all over the place. Did a person really die out there? Why were we the only ones who it had actually worked? Did I call upon someone who was not part of the story?

There are many different types of these locations all over the world in fact. They are often referred to as a Gravity Hill, Magnetic Hill or other names.

A gravity hill, also known as a magnetic hill, a mystery hill, a mystery spot, a gravity road, or an anti-gravity hill, is a place where the surrounding land’s layout creates an optical illusion, making a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope. Other names for gravity hills include anti-gravity hills and magnetic hills .As a result, an out-of-gear vehicle will appear to be accelerating against gravity uphill. Around the world, hundreds of gravity hills are recognized.

Despite the fact that sites frequently accompany claims that magnetic or supernatural forces are at work, the slope of gravity hills is an optical illusion. A horizon that is completely or mostly obscured is the most significant factor that contributes to the illusion. Without a horizon, it is difficult to determine a surface’s slope because there is no reliable reference. Trees, for example, may be leaning, displacing the visual reference that would normally be assumed to be more or less perpendicular to the ground.

A 2003 study recreated a number of antigravity locations in the lab to see how volunteers would react in order to investigate how the absence of a horizon can skew the perspective on gravity hills. In conclusion, Italian researchers from the Universities of Padova and Pavia discovered that common landmarks like signs and trees can fool the human brain when there is no true horizon in sight.

Similar to the Ames room, the illusion allows for objects to appear to roll against gravity.
A “false flat” is the opposite of an uphill road that appears flat in bicycle racing.

It is very possible that someone died out there, it is a long stretch of highway and it is isolated, dark and winding. Now if they were or were not the person who the legend was talking about we do not know. We never could find a detailed account or police record later to state the specifics of an accident matching the story.

Why did none of the other cars have an experience like we did? Well, it is very possible that the hill it self is not a TRUE haunting. That there was the science explanation that came into play for them, it only seemed like they moved a little bit, if at all. For them, it was a flop. Nothing happened, at all. One car thought there was movement, but when they rolled their windows down they realized there was none.

Is it possible I attracted a real spirit when I asked for us to have help? Yes, giving my sensitivity it is entirely possible it had nothing to do with the story and everything to do with I had called upon a friendly passer by who was willing to help. It would not be the first or the last time this kind of thing happens to me, nor the last time of the evening either.

With that being said, I will continue the next story in another post and keep this going. There will be three more coming today, in addition a podcast, better late than never I always say 😉

Much love & Many Blessings on this Samhain!

Mrs. B


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