Para-Normal, The Hunt Continues: Part 2

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Okay, the next part of the hunt takes place just a couple of miles down from where we were. Amy tells us all that we are headed to something call “Old Green Eyes” apparently this is also another common name or legend in many different places. But what do you expect from a teenager who was bored and wanted to do something different in a small town. This was also at a time when the internet was fairly new, I mean for crying out loud we had MapQuest directions. If that does not date things I don’t know what does. So it is no surprise that our leader on this late night haunting hunt did not do her due diligence and research the locations or the legends before we joined her on this venture. Nor did any of us think to do it either, we were bored teenagers looking to do something different and out of the ordinary.

We loaded the cars back up after the Ghost Hill and promptly drove in the direction of the next legend.

Cam read this story out loud to the car. This was lore from a little further up in Georgia that seemed to have made its way down to middle GA. A Cryptid of sorts it would seem.

According to the story Amy printed out for us, this was the ghost of an old civil war soldier who had been cursed to wander GA, or perhaps even something more ancient and older. It would find its home in old homesteads and haunt the areas.

“That’s it?” Robin asked.

“Yep.” Cam looked over the paper and smiled, then looked out the window, watching the stars above us.

This one was short and to the point, there was not much that Amy had found on this one, but there were directions to an old abandoned house off a dirt road that was somewhere between here and nowhere. We turned on to this dirt road and Sam tensed up, there was something about riding up on an abandoned house in the middle of the night, off a dirt road that just was not sitting right. The rest of us in the car felt the same way. This one had us all a little tense, you could feel it in the air. As we got closer it intensified, sure it could have just been us feeding off of each other’s energy, or even that we were amping-up one another, since we had just experienced things together that no-one else had.

The car and everyone in it seemed to silence as the little old hose came into view. Sam stopped his car about a half a mile away from everyone else who was now paused right down from the driveway of this abandoned home.

” I don’t know about you all but I don’t like this one, at all. And that may just be the GAY in me talking but this one could get us shot!” Sam spoke softly but firmly. Everyone in the car already knew he was gay, but no one else knew out side of those who were there.

” I know, me too. I don’t want to get too close to this one at all.” I said staring out the window, there was something not only about the house but the property that was uneasy. ” I am gonna tell Jasmine to come here. What do you all think about taking that road back there and turning around. We can meet them at the next location. “

Sam nodded. His gaze not breaking from the house down the road and to the right. He seemed fixed on it.

Tera sighed. ” Well if you guys are not gonna check this one out and are going to head on to the next location I am switching cars.”

Tera hopped out of the car and walked down to meet the rest of the group she sent Jasmine to talk to us.

“Tera said you had something to tell me. What’s going on Jess?” As she asked Adam came running up and hopped on her back.

I explained how we did not feel comfortable about this one and how we were going to head on to the next location, they could meet us there when they were done. You could hear down the road Amy yelling and being annoyed as Tera told her & the rest of the group our plans.

” Well, okay then.” Jasmine smiled at us and Adam hopped off her back, she looked at him with longing in her eyes. She had always adored him. ” If I didn’t drive tonight I would come with you all, this one gives me the creeps too.” Adam gave Jasmine a kiss on the cheek and smile at her, while patting the top of her head. She rolled her eyes as he ran to Sam’s car.

” I’m back bitches!” He said as he took over the front passenger seat.

Jasmine laughed as she watched him close the car door. ” Looks like we are trading Adam all night. Keep an eye on him would you.”

” Of course I will.” I gave her a hug and we started up the car. Sam turned us around and we headed off. I watched the group behind us in the rearview window. ” Do you see that?” My breath caught in my throat and it was hard to swallow. There was a light in the field behind the house. It was moving slowly but headed to them.

No one else saw it.

“What no spooky lady?” Adam spun around in his chair and placed his hand on my leg. ” Are you seeing things again? I came to the conclusion while with the other group, that no matter how creepy you get, you are probably the best person to be with tonight. You wouldn’t let anything harm me now would you?” He laughed and rubbed my leg until I smacked his hand. He laughed and turned around. ” Well there is that.” He looked in the rearview mirror and winked at me.

” Of course not, if I feel weird about something I will let you know. But this one, thankfully was not just me who did not want to stick around. Are you sure none of you saw that light?” I huffed and looked back out the window, our friends in the distance now could not be seen in the dark. ” We need to find a phone so we can call Amy or page Jasmine.”

“It will be fine.” Robin said as she lifted her head off Cam’s shoulder.

We drove around for about 30 more mins and came to the end of the dirt road. We sat there for a moment and were all very confused.

“Twiggs County?!? How did we get here?” Sam was confused, we all were. He took a left turn off the road and followed the signs to a gas station.

” Great….. I am not going in. This place is worse than the house.” He huffed. I put my hand on his shoulder. ” I will go ask for directions and see if they have a phone.”

” I am coming too! I have to pee.” Robin said bounding out of the car and smiling.

We walked into the dirty old little filler station and talked to the attendant, turns out we were just down from our next destination about 3 miles down the road to be exact. I bought a map, Robin used the bathroom and grabbed some snacks. We headed back to the car and let everyone know. Just as I was climbing in the car and passing out the snacks I got a page from Jasmine. We looked to the corner of the parking lot and saw a pay phone. Robin and I ran to the payphone and called Amy’s number, she was one of the few of us who had a cell phone then. Amy answered she was huffy and pissed off. She handed the phone to Jasmine.

“What’s going on?” I asked the line crackled and I could barely make out what Jasmine was saying. Then there was a loud hum on the line.. ” JAS?!”

“I said! WE ARE LOST?! They wanted to keep going straight down the road instead of turning back around and now I don’t know where we are.”

“Calm down. What do you see?”

She took a deep breath and looked around. ” You are not gonna believe me, I think we are back at the house.”

“Turn the cars around and head back up the road, make sure you turn off on the road that forks, DO NOT GO straight. Once you hit the end of the road it will say Twiggs county. Take a left and follow the signs to the gas station. We will wait for you here. Turns out we are 3 miles away from the church.”

” Okay! Thank you. I will page you if I need you again. LYLAS! Bye”

She hung up and we waited for them, took them about 30 mins but we all reconnected and went on about our night, on next to a Civil War Church.

To this day I believe the light in the field was a lost soul wandering around, it was looking for something. Perhaps its home was the house we had come across. but the weird thing is this… When we went back the follow day to try and find the house, it was no where to be seen. None of us could find it. No matter how many times we drove that dirt road. Did we find Old Green Eyes or something else entirely? I don’t think we will ever really know.

About Old Green Eyes:

While this story did not originate in middle GA, it seems to be one that haunts the whole state and into parts of Tennessee.

Now, what is the real story behind ” Old Green Eyes?” Let us get into that and I will tell you more about the church in the next post.

The North American ghoul-like creature known as Old Green Eyes is said to have been observed among the remains of Old Green Eyes from the American Civil War.”…The Battle of Chickamauga was one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, second only to the Battle of Gettysburg in terms of the number of casualties,” a paranormal scholar asserts. “…The Battle of Chickamauga was fought on the 19th and 20th of September, 1863 near Snodgrass Hill, on the Tennessee-Georgia border.”

In point of fact, it is said that a creature of great malice was drawn to the devastation because so much blood was spilled on the battlefield.

A monster with green, shining eyes is professed to have tormented the land some time before the appearance of the Nationwide conflict. Some people saw this creature moving among the bodies near Snodgrass Hill after the Battle of Chickamauga. According to these reports, the monster resembled a human with eerie green eyes and a massive, deformed jaw with terrifying fangs protruding from it.

Visitors and park rangers at Chickamauga National Park have reported seeing the same green-eyed creature for centuries after the Civil War. The entity, according to some, is a long-dead warrior’s ghost. Others assert that it is something else—an inhuman being. Regardless of the truth, those who have seen the creature simply refer to it as “Old Green Eyes.”
Old green eyes.jpg In the 1970s, two distinct individuals who were not related to one another were involved in accidents close to the same area of the park. They had driven their vehicles off the road and wrecked them after seeing glowing eyes.

However, Edward Tinney, a park ranger, was involved in one of the most memorable encounters. He said in an interview in 1981 that he was walking through the park at around 4 a.m. in 1976 when he felt an unfathomable chill rush through his body. He watched as a green-eyed being emerged from the darkness the very next instant.

He puts it this way:
“I could see that his hair was long like a woman’s hair when it passed me.” I will never forget the glaring eyes, which were almost greenish-orange in color and flashed like a wild animal. The long, pointed teeth resembled fangs .I was unsure whether to run or scream. The thing vanished right in front of me when the approaching car’s headlights broke through the fog.
Unfortunately, like so many other wartime sightings of unidentified creatures, the original accounts of “Old Green Eyes” have faded into obscurity and have been largely forgotten, lost to time.

The Green Eyes legend points to something that has haunted this area for generations.

Over 150 years later, the memory is not easily forgotten of the battle so bloody it cost the lives of 34,624. It’s as if 9/11 happened again and again 10 times in a row during September 18 to 20, 1864.

According to the tales, a specter with green eyes emerged from the trees and gun smoke and to this day stalks the Chickamauga National Military Park. According to Amy Petulla, owner of Chattanooga Ghost Tours, Green Eyes is one of the Chattanooga area’s most notable ghost stories. It’s significant both because of the number of people that know of Green Eyes, and the fact its haunt is the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the bloodiest wars the United States ever fought.

But talk to four different people and you may very well get five different answers as to what the Green Eyes legend is. It may take the form of a tiger, a head, a large dark figure or a Civil War soldier but “The green eyes are the thing that define it the most,” Petulla said.

“Basically lore or myth has been used by people over millennia to help explain the in-explainable and to help provide rationale for tragedy,” Pamela C. Ashmore said, head of the Anthropology department at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

And despite appearing farfetched initially, those folktales contain grains of truth. Ashmore, who focuses on biological anthropology, said in part of the Indonesian archipelago, folklore described the presence of small humans. In 2003, scientists discovered Homo floresiensis. “We determined that there is valid fossil evidence for short statured humans that once existed on the island of Flores,” Ashmore wrote. 

Paranormal investigators will take to the night with video and voice recorders hoping to capture proof of the paranormal. Could traces of Green Eyes and what it points to be found through the dusty records of local history rooms, flickering from the blue light of online databases? 

Green Eyes Today

According to the current telling of the Green Eyes legend, it is some kind of creature, a cat or something larger and more foreboding. 

Georgiana C. Kotarski in her 2006 book “Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley” wrote Green Eyes takes the form of the tiger atop the monument to the Ohio 125th who is searching for the men who died when the company of 1,000 stood atop Snodgrass Hill to quell the advance of Confederates during the last day of fighting. 

However, Mark Fults, psychic and author of Chattanooga Chills, said Green Eyes is a creature older than the battle, older than the Cherokee. While Fults said he has seen other paranormal events on the Battlefield (most that happened when he was driving through the Battlefield often during the ‘90s) his description of Green Eyes that he wrote in his book came from listening to accounts from three people and interpreting it through his metaphysical beliefs. 

He believes Green Eyes is a remnant of the worship practices of the mound builders, perhaps a guardian of a sacred space with the appearance to scare people away. Perhaps Green Eyes is “an elemental,” Fults said, which walked with its large gnashing teeth, long hair and cape among the dead and dying during the battle to glean energy and trace elements. “Green Eyes has roots in something,” Fults said. “Either which way, he’s a warning but what is he a warning of?”

The Origins 

Jim Ogden, the mustachioed chief historian for the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park was clear about when the Green Eyes tale began. He wrote: “A former National Military Park employee who began working here in the late 1960s maintained that he was the one who started a ‘Green Eyes’ story connected with the Battle of Chickamauga.”

I have two more stories to share with you, so hang in there and keep reading !

Much love and many blessings on this Samhain ❤

Mrs. B


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