Para-Normal: What lies in “The Old Church” : Part 3

Picking back up from the gas station we all make our way on to our next destination, Robin reads over the paper and sees it says Civil War Church. According to the story on the paper this was an old church, and sometimes if you come up on the church at night you can see people walking about the church, in the eves of the second floor and hear people talking.

” According to this, the next location after this, is actually connected to the property, its a cemetery. I will read that story when we get there. It’s called, Little Angel.” Robin puts the paper back down and looks out the window. Her mind seemingly else where after she finished reading.

“Oh, just what we need, actual ghosts!” Adam says in an excited sing-song voice, he claps his hands and looks back at us. ” What do you think spooky lady are we gonna see anything?”

” I dunno, Adam, I will say though, we do not need to mess with anything on the property. Churches and graves…. you are talking about a whole different level there.” I too look out my window and begin to space out. I honest do not remember the rest of the ride over there. Just kind of this blank period of time from us talking about where we were going to drifting off in the music as we arrived to the destination. We pull over and park on the side of the road. Sam giving us plenty of room to take it in. I think he learned his lesson from the last location. If something does not feel right, don’t push it.

I stand beside the car and lean over the trunk looking at the church and taking it all in. Another sense of dread begins to creep in. This time in tells me to stay where I am and not to get too close to the church. There is something upstairs that begs my attention and calls me to look up. I stand there in silence looking at while others explore the church, reading the information posted outside.

“Richland Baptist in 1811. It was named for nearby Richland Creek that ran through that part of Twiggs County” Amy reads out loud, very very loudly I might add, but that is all I hear from her. Robin moves beside me and starts to read the story of the adjoined location.

” Little Angel.” She begins. From what I can remember, which is not much, the story had to tell about a child that was lost to its mother. A member of the church, however she belongs to the segregated part of the congregation. The child died shortly after birth and was buried with an unmarked grave near the edge of the property. Eventually the grave had a small headstone placed on it years later nothing fancy, just a small stone set in the ground, with only the title ” Little Angel” the child’s name was never known.

Some years after that a small statue with an angel was placed near the headstone to help mark it a bit more. However, the angel had this habit of going missing only to reappear later. It was said if you cleared the leaves or debris off the grave and called out to the Angel… When you looked back it would be covered back up again and you would hear the mother crying from inside the church.

As I listen to Robin read, the whole time I am staring up at the second floor of the church. It is hard for me to break my gaze from it. It makes me very uneasy, so much so I do not move from my spot. I do not go look closer. I never physically make it over to look for the grave nor get myself to that final location of the night. Jasmine comes over to check on me.

I can hear Amy in the background ” I knew we should not have brought her, she is such a killjoy. ” She huffs and disappears around the corner with BB. It was no news to me that Amy didn’t like me, but since I was Jasmine’s friend and had been for years she tolerated me when ever I was around.

” Don’t mind her, she is just mad that Adam chose to ride with you almost the whole night. I think she is changing her attention to BB now though and Ed.” She smiled sweetly. ” So what are your thoughts about this one?”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah I am not getting closer, but if you want to you can. Just don’t take anything or disturb anything. I have a bad feeling someone is going to, but I can’t put my finger on it.” I finally broke my gaze from the upstairs windows. The hair on the back of my neck standing on end and my arms covered with goosebumps. I reached into the car and grabbed my hoodie, I pulled it over my arms and zipped it up.

“Let’s go!” Sam came running back to the can with Robin, and Adam…. ” BB took the Angel! We are out of here, I want nothing to do with that mess.”

Little angel figurine on the grave

I looked at Jasmine and sighed. ” Told you. Whatever you do, keep him out of your car.” I hugged her and climbed back into Sam’s back seat. ” We are headed over to IHOP going inside, you are welcome to come with us. Might grab some coffee or some cheese sticks I think… ” And that is when I realized that Cam was not actually with us. She had been working that night and we were going to meet her. It is funny, How I had envisioned her with us up until this point. Heard her speaking, held her hand like we would normally do, but it wasn’t until I looked in the back seat and noticed it was just me and Robin back there that it hit me. Had I been in a full on daze the whole night? I could not put mind at ease. The whole night was so random, so out there, so mind blowing with some of the events. It was as though I had stepped through the veil and was looking at things differently. Like I was here but not, like I was connected to two places spontaneously.

” Sure, I will meet you there. I gotta drop off some people.” She smiled as Scotty came running over for the first time in the night.

“Where ya headed. BB wants to ride with Amy, said I should see where y’all were going.” He gleamed a big smile. He was quite charming when he wanted to be.

Jasmine blushed, ” IHOP, I think they are hungry.”

Now this was at a time when IHOP was 24 hours, like a few others in the area. It would not last long, maybe just a couple more years before they started to phase that out.

We all headed off to IHOP except for BB, Amy and a few others. I will tell you about their accidents here in another post.

We we arrived at the IHOP, I wrapped my arms around Cam and told her how I thought she had been with me the whole time. She looked at me for a moment and shook her head.

” It is funny you say that….I had this weird feeling that I needed to be with you tonight. Mind if I stay over?” She hugged me back and we sat down in the booth.

“Nope, I think I need someone there for sure. You know how my apartment can get.” I laughed nervously.

We got our food and parted ways, Cam and I went to my apartment, watched some movies and fell asleep. The dreams that night were haunting, Cam woke me up and saw the front door was wide open in the Livingroom, as well as the back door in the kitchen. It was a night I will never forget, and it would take us a while to rid me of the thing that followed from the church….

I will also tell you more about that later on as well.

But for now I hope you enjoyed this part of the story and look forward to telling you more here soon.

Much love and many blessings.

Mrs. B


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